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Published:August 30th, 2007 04:55 EST
Battle of the Bands - Featuring TAKNbySTORM

Battle of the Bands - Featuring TAKNbySTORM

By Leon (Producer) Leon

TAKNbySTORM©, comes to you from beautiful North Carolina. Although he is not a native of the state, he loves it`s friendly people and modest climate. TAKNbySTORM© was raised in a Military family, and traveled all over the world as child, as well as an active duty soldier. Music has always been such a vital part of this man`s life, for as long as he can remember, music has been his friend.

TAKNbySTORM© has been surrounded by all types of music, growing up in Germany, he listened to a lot of HOUSE and DANCE music. GOSPEL music was always at the forefront, Storm`s mother always made sure that there was plenty of Shirley Caesar and Clark Sisters records playing at all times. Other favorites were Walter Hawkins and the Love Alive Choir, Mighty Clouds of Joy, James Cleveland, and the Much adored Winans Brothers. "STORM" was always very shy, but excelled at athletics, His music talents never really surfaced until after the untimely death of his mother. He moved to live with his oldest sister in Stuttgart Germany, and had to grow up really fast. He became a popular dancer in the booming "break dance" scene that had developed in Southern Europe at that time. This enabled him to do commercials and earn money to travel all over Europe. One of his teachers noticed that "STORM" would always be singing while he was walking the hallways, or when it seemed that there was nobody around, So The teacher asked "STORM" to try out for the schools production of "GODSPELL". The tryout was a success!!!!!! This led to auditions for Honors Choir and Varsity Singers Club. The singing "jock" was born!!!!!!!!!! One of the proudest moments for TAKNbySTORM© was when he sang the Michael Jackson song "Ben" at his High Schools "Cabaret" performance. There was not a dry eye in the building as he sang from his heart..........and hoped that his mother was listening.......and smiling her approval.

TAKNbySTORM© went on to achieve success in Athletics and Played Football at the collegiate level. After injury sidelined his dream of professional sports, "STORM" followed in a long family tradition and enlisted in the U. S. ARMY. While in the Army, he began writing songs and keeping journals of poetry...........He wrote songs for local groups and performed at talent shows and small venues........His Military career worked out really well, and "STORM" excelled as a soldier , medic and boxing coach. He also Started a family, and to this very day, his children bring him the greatest joy.

Since leaving the military behind, TAKNbySTORM© has worked in the social services field, helping troubled youth to find a better way. He can often see reflections of himself in many of these young men. Music returned in a big way, when "STORM" was asked by his nephew to help write some songs for a Gospel rap demo that was being put together on an upstart Indie label. The creative process invoked some good music and the lyrics begin to flow............The creativity has not stopped since then. TAKNbySTORM© combines old school R&B with ROCK, JAZZ, HIP HOP and Gospel to form his own unique sound.

Thought provoking lyrics with a positive message, while the listener rides the heavy, bass wrapped beats filled with a different flavor. TAKNbySTORM© is never afraid to sing about important social issues as well as entertain with the lively "club" tracks that get everyone moving.................The message is always a positive one.........The songs uplift! It is music that can be listened to and appreciated by all people.

Dreams do come has to be prepared when the turning point comes, and seize their opportunities, embrace their gifts. TAKNbySTORM© urges every single person, to never give up on a dream.

If one can dream can achieve it.


Take the time to enjoy one another, as we respect each others differences, we must realize that we all are the same, as we go through life sharing the experiences of the human condition.

This music, and my upcoming cd "THE BEGINNING" is dedicated to the memory of my dear grandfather, DEACON EDDIE YARBROUGH (AUGUST 5, 1923 - OCTOBER 30, 2006). "PAPAW", you will be missed.......I wish i would have taken more time to sing to you.........WE ALL KNOW HOW MUCH YOU LOVED TO DANCE. Even as i mourn your passing, i can only smile at the lessons that i have learned from you..........As i watched my father prepare the words for your eulogy, i saw his pain.........and witnessing that pain, made alot of my own pain go away. YOU BROUGHT ME AND MY DAD CLOSER THAN WE HAVE EVER BEEN..............I THANK GOD FOR THE OPPORTUNITY TO HAVE KNOWN A MAN LIKE YOU...............AND I WILL STRIVE TO BE THE MAN THAT I AM SUPPOSED TO BE.............LISTEN AS I SING "PAPAW"............AND IF ITS GOOD TO YOU...............DANCE MAN, GO AHEAD AND DANCE. REST IN PEACE.


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