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Published:February 23rd, 2008 07:12 EST
SOPs Battle of the Bands - Featuring Grace

SOPs Battle of the Bands - Featuring Grace

By SOP newswire

Grace. She was born in the heard of Russia " Volga`s river region and this really beautiful place have given Grace her beauty and talent. Ones cold November 13th, one great woman has created a masterpiece - Grace. Her husband was very happy, because the love of two people has given fantastic result!

First time Grace was very silent and shy child, but suddenly something happens! Hand of the God has pushed the button and has turned everything from feet on a head and she has begun to sing every time and everywhere! She sang mornings, days and nights! She sang at home, in the streets, in the parks and halls. All neighbors cried, because people wanted to sleep! But parents were really happy because they knew that child is chosen.

At five years old Grace goes to the musical school and everything has changed in her life. She felt good because everything was on needed places. There were great teachers and musicians who could see sleeping talent inside her and since that moment she has started to hard work above herself. She is entering to Musician College in fourteen years old. Work and work too hard again and again! She starts to sing on greater stages, in halls, at famous Russian vocal competitions and she always won! After college biggest Russians producers and radio stations invite her for collaborating and so many really famous Russians musicians from hard rock to jazz trying to work with her for recording and live concerts.

Some Russian motion pictures include her masterpieces in soundtracks. Now she seriously thinks about her solo career. She has a great experience in so many musical styles, she is writing her OWN MUSIC & LYRICS. She has a very high sense of musical winds and she`s really ready to fly on her wings of passion! 

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