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Published:January 17th, 2009 18:02 EST
SOP's Battle of the Band Featuring Danielle `DI` Isaacs with "Beat It"

SOP's Battle of the Band Featuring Danielle `DI` Isaacs with "Beat It"

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)
Beat it

Danielle `DI` Isaacs like the soothing tropical climate of the island on which she was born, Danielle Isaacs radiates a contagious warmth. Her petite frame, intense eyes and childish grin make Danielle`s image quite appealing. These are no match however for the huge heart she has inside of her, and although just in her early twenties, she has developed the spirit and talent necessary to give her the distance in the music business. She was born in Kingston, Jamaica, a stone`s throwaway from the home of the legendary Bob Marley. . Friends describe Danielle as effervescent, bubbly, and `feisty`, yet humble and warm to the people she loves.

She does not deny this, and claims that it is this zest for life that she is bringing to the music business. Danielle enjoys swimming, listening to Hip Hop, R&B and Dancehall music, and writing music. She is somewhat free spirited and believes in being happy no matter what her circumstances are. She admits however that when the decisions are important, she plans ahead accordingly. She delights in all types of cuisine, but especially loves Oyster and other seafood.

Her taste in fashion goes all the way to Europe, as she adores Italian designers and French perfume. ` Her relationship with music dates back a long time. While in High School she hungrily gobbled up dancehall music, listening to the racy rants of Patra, Lady Saw, and the boastful lyrical bites of Beenie Man among other leading artistes. At the same time however, she kept the sounds of Hip Hop, and R&B close to her heart. Rapper Lil Kim, Jay-Z, Foxy Brown and Usher were among the names she posted on her listening roster, even up to this day. She constantly wrote tracks over the years, and even while in the US studying, she never stopped listening to dancehall music. Ultimately, she could not ignore the call of dancehall for long, and decided to return to Jamaica.

Danielle credits herself with the ability to approach her problems `hands on`, and with her return to Jamaica came a plan. She made her way around to Kingston`s finest studios, and sought the opinions of leading Jamaican producers where her voice was concerned. . With high marks coming from them, she launched fully into the business in 2004 and co produced the track `Turn Him On` with the saucy female deejay Cecile. The accompanying music video received regular rotation on Jamaican Cable stations, giving credence to the power of the inviting image that Danielle brings to the music.

She describes herself as a deejay, who sometimes plays around with notes in her head like a singer. Her charm, passion and drive have landed her a track with Beenie Man and `Gramps` from the group Morgan Heritage, who are both known to be somewhat exclusive with which other artistes they collaborate. She sees this as the beginning of a growing and prosperous career, which she does not limit to deejaying. Movie directing, acting, and music producing are all branches of the arts in which Danielle sees herself getting involved. "Nothing is out of bounds" she quips.