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Published:February 19th, 2009 17:00 EST
SOP's Battle of the Bands featuring O PIONEERS with "I So Told You So"

SOP's Battle of the Bands featuring O PIONEERS with "I So Told You So"

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)


O Pioneers!!! are a band that have thrived on being totally f***ing sweet for years. From their unique gritty guitar/drum compositions to their constant help with the Houston punk rock scene, not to mention the bands that visit from out of town, O Pioneers!!! have definitely made themselves known and loved.

The music on Neon Creeps however, stands head and shoulders above the bands` previous releases. The sound is filled out with a bass guitar for the first time, the songs are catchier than ever and the production brings it all crashing down upon ya like never before. While there are a ton of bands that have taken influence from bands like Against Me!, Hot Water Music and Leatherface, O Pioneers!!! have certainly set themselves down their own path with Neon Creeps.

 PIONEERS! give entire new album away for FREE!!! + Tour Dates!
Houston, Texas` O Pioneers!!!  Have put their entire new album Neon Creeps that was  released on Feb. 10th up for free download through their buddies at Quote Unquote Records. The CD version will be released by  Asian Man Records and the vinyl love will be handled by Kiss of Death Records. There will also be a limited run on CD in Australia with an alternate cover released by Poison City Records.
You can download the album here:
O Pioneers!!! will be supporting their new album with a string of tour dates ending with an appearance at Harvest of Hope Fest March 6-8th in St. Augustine, Florida.
O Pioneers most recently released a split 7 " for Suburban Home Records with Mike Park as well as splits with Bomb the Music Industry, The Measure (SA), The Anchor, and Saw Wheel.
Crucial Links:
Download the album here:
2/21 - Atkins, AK @ The Goodbye
2/22 - Louiseville, KY @ Skull Alley
2/23 - Cincinatti, OH @ Blue Rock Tavern
2/24 - Cleveland, OH @ The Soggy Dog House
2/25 - Buffalo, NY @ Sugar City
2/26 - Syracuse, NY @ Half Penny Pub
2/27 - Boston, MA @ Fort Fuck Awesome
2/28 - New London, CT @ Eclectic Wear
3/1 - Brooklyn, NY @ Lost and Found
3/2 - Philadelphia, PA @ The Titan House
3/3 - Baltimore, MD @ Golden West Café
3/4 - Richmond, VA @ The Czar
3/5 - Atlanta, GA @ Wonderroot
3/6-8 - St. Augustine, FL @ Harvest of Hope Fest - More Info:
3/18- San Antonio, TX @ Rock Bottom