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Published:April 5th, 2009 14:52 EST
Mexiblacorican with 'Monday Thru Sunday'

Mexiblacorican with 'Monday Thru Sunday'

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

At the age of 18 Chris`s step uncle sold him twenty one thousand dollars worth of fake cocaine. This was a normal transaction between the two but this time Chris was set up. The reason behind the set up? One of Chris`s close friends and drug partners had murdered his step uncle`s best friend five years before. Kinda confusing? But all true. All the money was not Chris`s & therefore he became the target of multiple shootings & attempted murders on his life for a while. After violating his probation & facing three separate charges a judge was about to send Chris away for 3- 5 years in prison. Chris had to do something to try & change his life around. He pleaded with the judge that sending him to prison would only keep him trapped in an endless cycle of going in and out of prison. The same cycle in which his father & two older brothers have been in for decades.

Chris came up with an idea to join the United States Marine Corps instead of going to prison. The judge agreed & this was one of the best decisions of Chris`s life. In the Marine Corps Chris excelled earning over twelve awards in less than three years including 2003 Marine of Year. He was first in his class at Marine Corps Accounting School, earning him a duty station working in a special location aiding The Department of Defense. While serving at this duty station Chris served the local poverty stricken, gang & drug infested community in efforts to give back to the same type of environment he came from. The Marine Corps allowed him during work hours to travel to local middle schools & high schools to work as a motivational speaker to at risk troubled youth. Many of the schools teachers & administrators offered Chris a job but unfortunately he was unable to accept considering his obligations to the Marine Corps.

In Feb, 2004 while on military leave Chris was stabbed in the Neck protecting his best friend who years before had served time for a crime Chris had committed. It almost seemed as if Chris`s life had come full circle & it seemed he would not survive through the night from his injury. Chris survived his wounds & was medically retired from the Marine Corps earning award from the President. He decided to attend full time college. After 3 and a half years of school he earned a Bachelor`s Degree in Mass Communication & Media Arts with a Minor in Philosophy.

Despite the fact that Chris has completely changed his life around, served his country & went back to school to earn a Bachelors Degree he still has been denied employment several times. The last time Chris was convicted of a crime was almost seven years ago yet employers refuse to hire him after they perform a background check. I know how outstanding Chris is as a hip hop music artist and how passionate he is about being a voice for others to hear through his music based on his personal and professional experiences. I am Chris`s close friend & former USMC Drill Instructor so I decided to do the only thing I knew to do at this point, I started up an Independent Record Label called Nichols Manhattan Records because even though Society ? wont` believe in Chris, I will. I have signed Chris under the label and we are currently recording Chris`s first album in San Diego titled, Figz Life ?. The album incorporates Chris`s life through his lyrics. The Hip Hop industry has been lacking this kind of realness since the late great Tupac Shakur.

In closing, I personally served 12 years in the Marine Corps. I have never met such an individual and will not allow him to fall by the waist side while those in leadership positions deny Chris for employment because of his background. I have never in my life intended to start a Record Company, let along do I know anything about the industry but I do know one thing, I will spend my last dollar with hopes of one persons future is changed forever. At the end of the day, I know I am making a difference, Ohh-Rah!  

Michael W. Nichols

Nichols Manhattan Records