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Published:November 10th, 2009 12:36 EST
SOP Battle of the Bands Featuring DJ Devastate with "Start Movin"

SOP Battle of the Bands Featuring DJ Devastate with "Start Movin"

By SOP newswire2

DJ Devastate is finally ready to present his full-length debut album Movement/Silence ". A record with mellow sounds and harmonies that touches the Jazz listener`s soul; a record with banging beats and scratches that makes the Hip-Hop heads nod.

The strength of DJ Devastate`s creation is in the combination, in the duality of the musical concept. He describes the title Movement/Silence " as: Music is all about catching a moment in time. This could be a single frame, a mental picture, a moment of clarity that fuels the feeling to create. To create music is to give birth to movement where there used to be silence. "

The album manifests sound best described as obscure and dirty, without loosing the soulful feeling of Jazz and Hip-Hop. It also marks a strong presence of the turntable, the importance of vinyl and the sounds that these mediums generate. A sound that g! ets filtered chopped and steered into distinct rhythmical patterns. The album is fully instrumental but features various musicians:

DJ Create: DJ and producer from Helsingborg Sweden. DJ Create is a member of the duo Create & Devastate " and production crew Elite Fleet ". DJ Create is known mainly for his skills as a Hip Hop-producer and turntablist.

Fredrik Rixman: Guitarist and composer mainly focused on jazz. Fredrik is currently residing in Gothenburg Sweden and works with various jazz related projects.

(Fredrik) Segerfalk: Keyboardist and studio technician from Helsingborg, Sweden. Fredrik Segerfalk owns and runs one of Scandinavia`s biggest studios completely focused on analog studio technology Analog Sweden ". The studio consists of a wide range of vintage instruments, studio equipment and synthesizers. Fredrik has been active as a musician for over 15 years and also plays keyboa! rd in the acid jazz band Planetary Group ".
Silvia: Vocalist/singer from Helsingborg, Sweden. Silvia works with a wide range of music. Collaborations include everything from house music projects to choir singing for Swedish rock groups like The Sounds ". Silvia is currently active in a group called Holiday ".

Svärd: Vocalist and producer from South Sweden. Svärd is a multitalented artist, also a member of the funk/disco group Baby Butch ".

Zoltan Csörsz JR: Jazz drummer from Malmö Sweden. Zoltan is one of the most hired drummers in Sweden, very much in demand for his all around capability and versatility. Zoltan has played with European and American jazz, pop, rock, hip hop bands and musicians like: Wha Wha Watson, James Moody, Billy Harper,Clark Terry,Scott Hamilton.