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Published:November 30th, 2009 10:08 EST
SOP's Battle of the Bands Featuring I.C.H.(Inner city hustlers) with Who Goin

SOP's Battle of the Bands Featuring I.C.H.(Inner city hustlers) with Who Goin

By SOP newswire2

  In the city of philadelphia  There is a powerful underground movement that`s currently taking place. The streets is buzzing about the return of I.C.H ( inner city hustlers ). After a long layoff I.C.H is once again taking the city of brotherly love by storm. In the mid and late 90`s the I.C.H crew was one of the most popular rap camps in philly.

With a fleet of young rappers and talented producers the inner city hustlers had the streets of philly and the music industry in a chock hold. In 1999 Jay-Z and Dame Dash from Rockafella records reached out to Jimmy Dasaint (the leader of I.C.H) and signed two members of I.C.H (Oschino and Sparks) to the Defjam/Rockafella records label. At that same time Jimmy Dasaint was negotiating other major deals for the rest of the I.C.H members. The I.C.H crew was performing and opening up for major artist in the rap industry,(Jay-Z , memphis Bleek,etc.). In 2000 inner city hustlers released their classic album (Y2K).

The album was called a instant classic and sold out in just a few weeks after its release. Then out of no where as soon as I.C.H fame had come it was quickly taken away. After being set up by an FBI informant Jimmy Dasaint was arrested,convicted and sentenced to 10 years in federal prison for the distribution of cocain. With the incarceration of their leader the I.C.H camp sunk faster then the Titanic. Other members tried their best to keep the ship afloat but the weight was to heavy to handle. Causing the members of I.CH to eventually break up and go their seperate ways. While away in federal prison jimmy Dasaint had refused to give up on himself or his love for the inner city hustlers. Jimmy dasaint started writing urban novels, and in 2003 he became the first federal inmate to get a 2-book deal with Upstream/A-B distribution in New York City. (MONEY,DESIRES and REGRETS) ( ON EVERYTHING I LOVE).

Other novels would soon follow ( A ROSE AMONG THORNS) (WHAT EVERY WOMAN WANTS). In 2009 Jimmy Dasaint was finally relesed from prison and returned back home to philly. Now he was a new man with bigger and better goals. As soon as Jimmy was released he got in touch with former, loyal members of the I.C.H crew, while inlisting a group of hungry young spitters and talented producers to form the new I.C.H rap camp.

Now  the INNER CITY HUSTLERS are back! Bigger,better and more determind then ever before. In 2009 I.C.H begin working on their new album (BLOCK MONEY),which will be released in 2010 on the DASAINT ENTERTAINMENT label. For the streets I.C.H released the highly anticipated mixtape/album (ORGANIZE CRIME VOL ONE ) in stores now!!! The new INNER CITY HUSTLERS rap camp consist of a fleet of new rappers and producers: Jimmy Dasaint,T.P Dollaz,SC,Colossus,Bossman,

Hardcore,Sport,K-Dot,Shorty Raw,A-Town,Jeeky,Cheeze,Var,Nelle Scar,Stones, and 16 year old rap sensation Young Savage.

You can check out the (inner city hustlers) at

Who gon video link

(Youtube) ( and facebook. For booking contact jimmy Dasaint at:
Or write to: Dasaint Ent.
                 Bala Cynwyd P.A 19004