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Published:December 8th, 2009 18:47 EST
SOP's Battle of the Bands Featuring Lil Rufus with 'Merry Go Round'

SOP's Battle of the Bands Featuring Lil Rufus with 'Merry Go Round'

By SOP newswire2

Growing up having two parents raising him to be the positive young man he is today was a blessing, they taught him that no matter how hard it may get never give up which is the reason why he still continue on today. Rufus started singing and performing in front of an audience in church at age five, after getting the hang of things he started performing at weddings, parties, talent shows and any other events that he was able to get in to. Rufus Gene Lowe Jr. (Lil Rufus) Born February 21, 1990 in Fort Myers, Florida. Out of his 18 years of living he has spent at least 10 of those years knowing what it is that he wanted to do in life, which is to become an R&B singer. Everyone has their own special talent and he has tried everything to football and basketball but somehow his singing career always seemed to stay ahead.

Throughout the years he has never really had the chance to do more than talent shows etc. But as he got older and by older I mean 17, he got to experience more. Rufus went to try out for American idol in Miami. Coming from that audition with a no " was a fall to the ground for him; it was like all of his dreams had been washed away after a long morning and afternoon of waiting outside for a chance to be heard. While trying out for the show Rufus did his best, which got him the audience approval, but it was the judge`s approval he didn`t have. Not making it threw really wasn`t the part that bothered him it was the part of watching the people who came to make fools of themselves to get on television get through to the next round but then others like himself who`s really serious about a career get sent back home. Well you win some and you lose some and this was a time in his life where he thought he had lost.

It took a few days for him to come back to reality and get his self together which at that point he made a promise to himself that whatever is next he`s going to put his best foot forward and keep going no matter what problems he may run into. Realizing that his dreams weren`t just going to come to him Rufus decided to go to the studio and record his first song entitled Bad Chick". Bad Chick " is a song about a type of female who every girl would love to be and every man would love to be with. Being that this was the type of song everybody could relate to, Rufus got a lot of good feedback. Now being 18 years old and a graduate from Bishop Verot Private High School Rufus plans on going to school majoring in recording arts while continuing to work on his music career. Singing is only one of Rufus` talents, so the sky is the limit and with God as his pilot Lil Rufus is on a flight to success!