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Published:December 21st, 2009 10:14 EST
SOP's Battle of the Bands Featuring NEPHEWBLAQ with 'Me & My Boo'

SOP's Battle of the Bands Featuring NEPHEWBLAQ with 'Me & My Boo'

By SOP newswire2

The mere act of surviving on a day-to-day basis is the foundation from which a true artist builds his craft. Multi-talented newcomer NEPHEWBLAQ is no exception to this rule. His dynamic debut album, GRACE OF GOD, is a collection of stirring songs, creatively reflects the ups and downs of the rappers life experiences.

A crafty blend of the southern hip-hop flavor, GRACE OF GOD is NEPHEWBLAQ`s second album. "GRACE OF GOD evolved from the struggles I went through and what I did and, still doing to correct those things," offers NEPHEWBLAQ, who has had his fair share of adolescent problems on the streets of Orlando. "I`ve got a habit of writing about everything I go through and everything I do that is exciting to me," he explains, "and this album gives a glimpse of that and where I am now. Thanks to the Grace of God I`m still here. "To understand where NEPHEWBLAQ is right now is just half the equation.

The other half lies in where he came from. NEPHEWBLAQ was born in raised in Orlando, Florida at Orlando regional medical center in 1981. NEPHEWBLAQ currently resides on the space-coast of Florida. NEPHEWBLAQ offers "being brought up in an environment that treasures the true artistic value of street pharmacy and no employment for the urban community", made life extremely rough for the artist.

NEPHEWBLAQ grew up in the Bay Root area of Orlando where he took care of his grandmother in her late stages of life. Hustling on the streets since the age of 12 has taught NEPHEWBLAQ a lot about surviving and quite frankly "making something out of nothing." NEPHEWBLAQ offers "I remember being posted up at Big-Bee`s gas station on Carter Street night and day doing whatever I got two do to get paid so me and my Grandma can eat. NEPHEWBLAQ grandmother passed when he was 14 years old, which forced him to move back home with his mother on the other side of Orlando an area that goes by the name of Crime Hillz.

NEPHEWBLAQ states "you got two sets of people, you have your followers and you have your leaders, me I was a leader I use to have goons doing all types of shit to get a dollar." Did you finish high school? "Yeah I graduated from Maynard Evans High School in Orlando. "Most people that know me in the streets know that I don`t really speak much and I`m a very quiet & humble person." "Hell I think this album is the most words I ever really said in my life LOL." Once hip-hop took over his life, NEPHEWBLAQ`s musical development exploded and he began channeling his energy into writing and producing his own music. Songs such as "Grace of God" display how much hip-hop an America in a whole has influenced him. The song pays homage to the American lifestyle all while maintaining its own identity in the urban world.

Meanwhile, his first single "Me & My Boo Ft: M.E.W." exhibits another side of the artist. On this song NEPHEWBLAQ puts forth a feel-good party vibe. Rapping over a smove-hitting base beat; "Me & My Boo Ft: M.E.W."is one of NEPHEWBLAQ`s most irresistible tracks. The song integrates a unique slow-tempo beat with a distinct instrumentation floating in the background guaranteed to improve every listener`s mood in the club or on the streets.

The reason for this, NEPHEWBLAQ says, "There are a lot of negative things going on today." "We need to party and just have fun," he continues, "Me & My Boo Ft: M.E.W." is a feel good record for the streets/Ladies. Listen to it go in the club, party and enjoy those beautiful women LOL." NEPHEWBLAQ`s personal appeal and ability to reach a listener is a part of his whole package: a package that includes, most importantly, his distinctive vocals and a laid-back catchy rapping style. It is as though he is speaking to you as he raps in a very father to son like manner on many tracks on the album. Especially in the track "GRACE OF GOD".

Genuine and honest, NEPHEWBLAQ`s music is a step in a new direction: We refer to it today as "The New South" NEPHEWBLAQ`s music is a trajectory that will lead us on a delightfully fulfilling path. Says NEPHEWBLAQ, "When I`m on the mic, I`m just giving the listener a part of me." "I got something to say and many things you can learn." "So be prepared cause the Southern Rap Politician gone tell you how it really is." New Hit Single: "Me & My Boo Ft: M.E.W." Label: Loudmouf Records (Indy) Contact:


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