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Published:January 1st, 2010 12:15 EST
SOP's Battle of the Bands Featuring Mav with 'Catch My Breath'

SOP's Battle of the Bands Featuring Mav with 'Catch My Breath'

By SOP newswire2

Mav was born November 4, 1983. Raised in Chicago`s ABLA Housing projects on the near west side; The Village as it was know as by its residents, was the epitome of the gutter. As Mav likes to say, "welcome to the home of the brave!" After his father got his life together, he decided to try to show Mav and his sisters a better way of living. His family moved to the Southside of Chicago to escape the past, only to find out that the south side was turning into what they tried to leave behind on the west side. Mav did what any kid would do when placed in a negative environment. He adapted. He got into trouble in the streets, but he always went to school. "I treat everything as if it`s a game. Not in a disrespectful manner, but I mean I am a serious competitor. If I`m playing a game, I`m playing to win cuz I`m gonna be the best at whatever I`m doing. To my street niggas school was for lames. I knew better though. I was a young dude but I was more mentally mature than my boys. I wasn`t a fool. Don`t get me wrong I thought selling drugs, money and girls was cool but, I knew I wouldn`t make it far in life without doing good in school. God blessed me better than he blessed other niggas I knew with that understanding at such a young age."

Mav started rapping back when he was 7 years old, but he was mostly just taking other rapper`s songs such as N.W.A`s, and changing a couple words around to his own. Yeah, he started stealing when he was young. Mav met multi-platinum artist, Twista, in 1998 while in the 8th grade, but it wasn`t until 1999 when Mav got serious about music. His high school basketball coach was upset that his best player quit the team to pursuit a career in the music industry. Coach thought it was silly, but Mav was fascinated by music and he thought it was a quick way to get his mother "out the kitchen." He continued to do well in school and do his thing in the streets. In 2002 he got accepted to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. After withdrawing for college the first semester because of his grandfather`s death, he would later return, to disprove the saying "once they leave they never go back." Mav originally wanted to study Business because he told himself that he wanted to be an entrepreneur; then he changed his mind. Anybody could be an entrepreneur; kids who own lemonade stands are technically entrepreneurs he stated. Entrepreneur just sounded good to him initially. Mav eventually decided to major in Advertising; it was what he really liked to do. People asked him, "why advertising?" His answer was, "The truth is that you can be the best musician alive, but without the right marketing and advertising you just another drowning artist in a pool of musicians trying to make it."

Throughout his college years, Mav would make frequent trips back to Chicago to do shows and submit music to Twista for evaluation. "I don`t think T [Twista] thought I was ready. It could have also been that I didn`t fit the bill of a typical "Chicago rapper," even though I did start out rapping fast at first [laughs]. He would say he liked my music, but he would never give me a shot." He had graduated from college December of 2006 and still nothing was happening like He wanted. He was almost certain that some big exec from some big record label had to have heard some buzz about him and was going to be waiting for him when he returned home to Chicago. "I got back home like man, I aint on [signed] cuz school was in my way, now gimme a contract, but nobody was offering [laughs]. I guess the buzz wan`t big enough or either my drive wasn`t strong enough. Or both." Mav would soon get his shot at music stardom when Twista asked him to record a track for his 2008 "Twista presents Who`$ Got Next" compilation album. "T and Toxic flipped out when the heard my "Dirty Fresh" song. At that point I knew I had gotten their complete attention this time, and that I would make the album. The sky is the limit now!" Mav is currently in the studio working on his debut album, "Educated...and Still Hood." "Hamma Time" is the first single off the album, it`s HOT! Its only safe to assume that "Step" is going to be the follow up single, which is geared toward the college crowd. This one of the best self-produced albums I have ever heard...seriously! I guess he really does have NEXT!!!