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Published:January 31st, 2010 18:37 EST
Mel Gates

SOP's Battle of the Bands Featuring Mel Gates with 'Can't Get Over You'

By SOP newswire2
Mel Gates

Anyone walking down the streets of Coney Island`s projects in Brooklyn, New York has experienced the rap phenomenon of none other than-Mel Gates. Lermelle Cooper(Mel Gates) who was born on January 6th,discovered his rap/hip hop talent at the age of sixteen.

Mel Gates

Coming from a broken home with no father figure, a drug addicted mother and a high school drop out,contributed to Mel walking down the path of ending up in prison where he served time on numerous occasions. At the tender age of thirteen,Mel Gates was forced to leave home and become a slave to the mean streets of New York by hustling in order to support his family.

While serving one of his sentences of six years in prison, Mel began to change his life around and enrolled in a GED preparatory class and later earning his GED. But, Mel would not stop there,he began becoming creative with words turning them into lyrics. In having many rap battles with his fellow inmates,the name "Mel Gates" was given to him because of his desire to live a life like the famous "Bill Gates" and of course "Mel" the shortened form of Lermelle. He recently released his self-proclaimed mixed tape entitled "Mel Gates for President".

Currently,Mel is featured on the new "S.W.A.G.G." DVD Magazine,has his single "Get Your Swagger Up" available for purchase on "I Tunes","Amazon","The Sprint Store",etc.,has an album titled "State of Emergency" expected to be released in 2009 and has a leading role in a new independent film titled "I Love Trouble" a drama/comedy.