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Published:February 6th, 2010 20:29 EST
"Could I, Should I, Would I", Mallia Franklin

"Could I, Should I, Would I", Mallia Franklin

By SOP newswire2

For all of you that didn`t know that Mallia Franklin, the Queen of Funk, has been hospitalized for some time. I was informed tonight that the hope for her recovery is running out. She is now in UCLA`s hospital with her love one`s around her; lovingly assisting her with her cross-over to God is her son, Seth.

malia franklin

In my prayers for her, I want to thank God for letting me get to know her, as well as, to love and sing with her for so long. Tonight between 12 & 2 am west coast time, I was told that the life support will be stopped and the passing of our Funk Queen will be in Gods hands.

If you will, all that loved her would think good thoughts and pray for her and in some strange way rejoice at the thought that God will be able to have a chance to hear her great voice, face to face.


Rest In Peace Our Great Queen Of Funk.

Gene Anderson aka Poo Poo Man


P.S. Here`s a song she liked to have me sing to her called "Could I, Would I, Should I."  Here it is for you, Queen, one more time from all of us.