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Published:February 15th, 2010 09:51 EST
the fiery furnaces

SOP Battle of the Bands Featuring The Fiery Furnaces with 'Keep Me in the Dark'

By SOP newswire2
keep me in the dark

Artist: The Fiery Furnaces
Song: `Keep Me in the Dark`
Album: `Take Me Round Again` [iTunes]
Sounds Like: The Moldy Peaches, The Velvet Underground



This was written by Elena from the Orlando area, last December. It begins, "just lakmgdakgm ohmygod, your music means so much to me. I was trying to tell Eleanor how your music reminded me of Japan but it came out a garbled mess since I was so excited. But I am going to try to be more articulate in describing it now: your music reminds of Japan as yours has been described as dense " before and Japan is a very dense place but within the place, it`s still so wonderful.

 There`s lots of flashing lights and people walking really really fast which is like how your music is when it gets all intense and heavier. " But I also really love the slower moments in the songs where Eleanor slows down to sing and it`s just like the quiet of the countryside`s in Japan. And Japan is so delightfully kitschy and so ahead of our times and just so magical which is definitely your music!

Ohhhkay, that is probably not any better or whatever and I got excited seeing pictures of you guys in Japan as Japan is my favourite place and you are one of my favourite bands."


Tour Dates


All dates with Drug Rug

2/17 STRASBOURG, FR / La Laiterie

2/18 PARIS, FR / Boule Noire

2/19 ST. MALO, FR / L`Omnibus (La Route du Rock)

2/20 BORDEAUX, FR / L`Espace Tatry

2/22 BARCELONA, ES / Razz 3

2/23 MADRID, ES / Moby Dick

2/24 VALENCIA, ES / El Loco

2/26 LISBON, PT / Santiago Alquimista

2/28 ISTANBUL, TR / Indigo


3/2 ATHENS, GR / AN Club

3/11 MEXICO CITY, MX / Pasaguero

3/12 MONTERREY, MX / Garage

3/13 GUADALAJARA, MX / Larva