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Published:November 28th, 2009 20:08 EST
Winter Scene by Dawn Huffaker

Winter Scene by Dawn Huffaker

By Dawn Huffaker

Silent trees
Sleep peacefully
In the cold,
Winter`s air.
Golden grass
Nod their heads,
As they dream
Of the summer`s dance.
The icy river,
Frozen in time,
Waits patiently
For the warmth of spring.
Birds seek out
The sun and ripened seed,
As they chatter
Amongst themselves.
Clouds cross the sun
Creating shadow hounds who
Chase snowflakes
Along the crunchy ground.
All else
Is at peace
Knowing that soon, very soon,
Life will be hectic, once again.

2009 © Dawn L. Huffaker
All rights reserved.

The author lives in the mountains of the southwestern corner of New Mexico.  She is the eldest daughter of two educators.    

At the age of eight months, Dawn became mysteriously ill, and never learned to walk. She has had to learn to deal with her world from a wheelchair. With the help of her family, she is leading a productive life.     

In junior high, Dawn discovered her passion for poetry. Some very special teachers took the time to show her the beauty of words. From that point on, she wrote poetry for family and friends, and published works in the school newspapers.     In college, she received her bachelor`s degree in Computer Science, and minors in English and Biology. Dawn went on to found a local computer store. The store operated for seventeen years.  Then, she spent two months in the hospital dealing with a health concern, and had to close her business.    

When Dawn returned home, she spent several months recuperating.  During this time, she began exploring the idea of publishing her first book of poetry, and selecting her very best poems to put in volume one. That was how Flights of Fancy came to be.    

Currently, Dawn is in the process of publishing her second book which is a collaboration with Michele Duncan, an amazing floral photographer. This book should be out sometime in mid-2009.