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Published:November 29th, 2009 10:28 EST
Sandra Sedgwick Williams (Psoemetry) with "Don't forget about me"

Sandra Sedgwick Williams (Psoemetry) with "Don't forget about me"

By Sandra Sedgwick

A neo-soul feel with an R&B swag is the best way to describe this new CD. It blends the art of poetry, song and music to give birth to Psoemetry (so-em-etry). This passionate album will take the listener all the way from "Old School" to "Have Mercy"

Genre: Spoken Word: With Music
Release Date: 2008

SANDRA SEDGWICK WILLIAMS (Psoemetry) is no stranger to the world of poetry or the art of Spoken Word. She`s been writing poetry for so long she sometimes jokes, "When I came out of my mother`s womb, I asked the doctor for a pen and paper"

Her writing career actually began back in elementary school when she would write short stories and share them with her best friend at that time, Debbie Ott. When Debbie suddenly passed away, Sandra`s passion for writing also left momentarily.

In High School, Sandra began writing love poems for her friends to help solidify the success of their quest to capture the hearts of the ones they loved. Her success rate was 100% and eventually helped lead a couple down the aisle and across the broom to the land of Holy Matrimony.

When Sandra married in 1975, her desire to write poetry surfaced again. When she was invited to attend a meeting with the publishers of Vanity Press who gave very good reviews to a manuscript she had submitted to them for consideration. Her husband at that time remarked, "If I wanted a wife with a career, I would have married one." Reluctantly her pen an pad were quietly folded and put away once again. The marriage proved to be both physical and verbally abusive and ended with Sandra taking their 4 sons and returning back to their long time home in Virginia. Upon returning to Virginia, Sandra joined Beth-el Church Of God In Christ where her Pastor Melvin Lee Austin encouraged her creative juices to flow once again. And flow they did. She became "The Good News Poet" and would, at the drop of a hat, produce the most amazing poetry that would move the congregation to foot stomping, hand clapping, laughing and singing. Her first book "A Different Direction" was published in 1989 and was donated to the Church to help with the building fund. Other works followed such as publications in Anthologies and local news papers as well as Church News Papers. Sandra became Editor of the Church`s news paper that she created that quickly became a welcomed edition to her Churches` weekly agenda.

In 2003 and married again, with her newly adopted children Sandra relocated to Atlanta Georgia.. With a second marriage on the rocks and sinking rapidly, comfort came in the form of what Sandra lovingly calls "Song of Solomon" poems. In the beginning the poems were shared with a very few of Sandra`s friends. The idea remained in the back of her head about taking the poetry on the road again but to a different audience. The best part is she was now in the perfect place. SPOKEN WORD COUNTRY. Atlanta Georgia.

In 2007 with a ton of passion seeking poetry under her belt, The Quiet Storme was born. Sandra became a part of the community and found a solid faithful following for her poetry there. Grateful for the number of Christians within the on line community who found comfort and identity with the soft spoken words the artist would share.