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Published:December 30th, 2009 22:06 EST
Lesser Girl  - Spoken Word By Audrey Michelle

Lesser Girl - Spoken Word By Audrey Michelle

By Audrey Michelle

Lesser Girl

Joy falls like once pure snow upon a ground of mud too dark to stain
A melody of salty tears, frozen drips and dirty memories are all that surround

Morals once existed in the tomb she calls her skin
The walls can`t speak, but they all know
Their windows sneer at her image in disgust
While the mirror reflects all that it has heard

A lesser girl, she knows she is as that is how she`s labeled
No one sees what falls beneath  a heart that cannot breath but pain

Sing with me lesser girl and you shall be renamed

From grace you fell under their spell
Good intentions were laid upon the floor

This morning`s dew awakened eyes and eyes once blind now realize

Night gifted an epiphany to an undeserving dreamer

To save ones soul you must retreat
Become oneself with your past being "

A reunion of the still pure heart and the thickly covered, filthy skin

But dance with me lesser girl
Through music find  salvation

Hope can change rain`s frequency to a dryer station

The mirror breaks upon the floor and rids our years of luck been poor
Bad luck myths only exist  if air is soaked with  hopelessness


Mental capacity is all that houses the beauty of a fate destined by spirituality