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Published:February 5th, 2006 10:26 EST
Steroids In West Virginia

Steroids In West Virginia

By Brandon Jennings

Edward Jones has found, over the past four years that steroids do not adversely affect him.  In fact, he has benefited from them greatly.

People have so man misconceptions about what steroids can and will do to you, " said Jones, a biology student at West Virginia University.

For years now, Jones and others like him have experimented with steroids to improve their health and appearance.  What they have discovered is that there are good things about steroids, as long as you know what you`re doing.  Others have realized after reading labels on medications prescribed to them for years that they have used steroids for a long time and didn`t even know it.

People just don`t research things before they start doing them most of the time, and that is where the problems come in, " said Jones.

Jones towers over most people when he walks into a room, but he was always skinny growing up, and he found that using anabolic steroids helped him to fill out.

Instead of being 6 feet 6 inches tall and 180 pounds, he is now, A manly 255 ", said Jones.

Jones has known dozens of people who used steroids without doing any kind of research about what they were using.  These people found themselves having problems like male breast enlargement, hair loss, and loss of s*x drive.

These symptoms occur when the balance of testosterone and estrogen is not controlled by anti-estrogen.

Guys have to use anti-estrogen or they are eventually going to have problems, " said Jones.

Anti-estrogens come in many forms, and most are legal.  The most common form of anti-estrogen is pill form and it can be purchased over the Internet from sites like or

According to Jones, the reason for needing anti-estrogen while on steroids is because any testosterone not used by the body is converted to estrogen.  This is what causes most of the negative side effects to occur.

This information can be found on any number of sites, but Jones first read about it on

Another common problem people have while on steroids is trying to increase the amount of weight they lift too fast, " said Jones.

A lot of guys just start lifting heavier and heavier weight every week.  Like before going on juice, if the benched 185, then in two weeks they are trying to do 235.  Sometimes it`s not a problem.  But if it`s too soon for the joints, you can damage yourself permanently," said Jones.       

The joints are not as fast at increasing their ability to handle weight as muscles are, and this causes joint problems and injuries.  The people who get these injuries often blame them on the steroids when it was the individual and not the steroids that caused the problem said Jones
According to Wikipedia, there are five types of steroids: anabolic, corticosteroids s*x hormones, pro hormones, and phytosterols.  What makes these all steroids is the fact that each is a lipid composed of a carbon skeleton with four fused rings.

The type of steroids athletes use for performance enhancement are anabolic steroids.

There are injected steroids, oils and liquids, and oral steroids, " said Jones.

Each type has different effects on the body, and depending upon what kind of health condition the person taking the steroids is in he or she can decide which one best suits him or her.

Orals are much harder on the liver, and increase blood pressure, " said Jones.

The most widely used by individuals who are not concerned with being tested are injectables.  These are detected in the body longer than any other type.

This is why professional athletes, like Major League Baseball players stay away from injectables.

The guys in the Majors used the orals mostly, " said Jones.

That`s because it is harder to test for them, and some oral steroids are not testable at all.

I thought it was just all hype, " said Eric Norton, a serious weightlifter who has been using steroids now for over two years.

Before he started, he was what he called A chubby guy with average strength ".

Now I`m a beast, " said Norton.

The amount of strength and size was and still is incredible.  I can`t believe I`m looking at me sometimes, " said Norton.

He started using steroids following his freshmen year of college because he didn`t think he was big enough.  In the first six months of lifting, he gained twenty-five pounds of muscle.  Since then he has gained nearly fifty.

I have a lot of body fat right now because I am in my bulking phase, " said Norton.

That is when the lifter eats a high concentration of carbohydrates and protein to ensure that the body has the energy it needs to promote muscle growth.

I am about 265 pounds right now, but when I cut down I`ll weigh about 225.  That`s less than 10 percent body fat, " said Norton.

Cutting is when the weightlifter takes away nearly all carbohydrates and adds cardiovascular exercise to his or her routine to shed unwanted body fat.

I look at myself and I see a machine now, " said Dusty Moore, a Pharmacy student who will graduate from West Virginia University in December 2006.

I always wanted to look like those guys in the movies, " said Moore.

He has been using steroids for three years and has not experienced any side effects that can be attributed completely too steroid use.

My hair is falling out, but my grandpa was bald, " said a laughing Moore.

As long as the user cycles the use of steroids with complete nonuse, he or she should be fine said Jones.

The safe cycle would be 12 weeks on and 12 weeks off.  However, not everyone follows that.  Everyone pretty much just makes sure to match their cycle with the same amount of time off of steroids as on, " said Jones.

It becomes a serious problem when people get addicted to them, " said Jones.

Jones has known people who were just not able to stop using them during their off cycles because they felt that the only thing making them strong was the steroids.

Its diet, plain and simple, " said Jones.

The steroids can give you a boost in the right direction; however, without the proper diet all the benefits provided by the steroids will just wither away.

People just don`t seem to understand that without protein, your body can`t build muscle, " said Jones.

Norton and Moore agree.  Norton, Moore, and Jones all eat at least six meals a day.  These meals are sometimes no more than a high protein shake, but nonetheless they get the nutrients into their bodies so the money they spend on the testosterone doesn`t go to waste.

A typical 12 week cycle can cost anywhere from $70 to $350 depending on who the user gets them from and what quality the product is said Jones.

If you don`t have steel, you can`t build a skyscraper, " said Moore.

Why not just be au naturel? " said Jena Dangerfield, a senior in the exercise physiology program at WVU.

Her real problem with steroids is not the bad things she has read about or seen on television, it is that she doesn`t find guys on steroids to be pleasing to the eye.

I just don`t like it when guys get real big, " said Dangerfield.

She is not opposed to the use of steroids for health reasons.

On the first day of classes I woke up and my face was swollen.  I went to the doctor and he gave me steroids, and they worked, " said Dangerfield.

The steroids given to her were not anabolic, but a steroid regardless.

I`ve had asthma since high school, and I never even realized steroids were in my inhaler until just now, " said Dangerfield.

Even though she doesn`t like the way guys look when they are extremely muscular, Dangerfield has respect for what steroids are capable of doing if used in the right way.

I guess they can be good, " said Dangerfield