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Published:January 16th, 2007 15:49 EST
Some People Don't Know Beans about Boston

Some People Don't Know Beans about Boston

By Terry Sumerlin (Mentor/Columnist)

Super Bowl XLI is fast approaching. As an avid baseball fan, it serves as a welcome reminder that spring training is just around the corner. I’m also reminded of Super Bowl XXX in 1996, between the Dallas Cowboys and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The shop was buzzing the week leading up to the game. As part of the buzz one “impartial Texan" commented that he hated Pittsburgh and everything about it. He also hated Detroit, Chicago and many other northern cities.

His remarks brought to mind the man who moved to a new town and asked his barber what kind of people lived there. The barber asked what the people were like where he came from. The man said they were rude, ill-mannered and unfriendly. The barber replied, “That’s the way you will find them here."

Later, another man asked the barber the same question. Again, the barber asked how he found the people in his previous location.

“Best in the world," the man replied. “They were kind, friendly and thoughtful. We really hated leaving them."

“That’s exactly the way you will find them here," he was told.

(Believe it or not, some people actually attribute this story to that fellow, Socrates, instead of to a wise barber!)

We generally find in people what we look for. For example, my son Jon and I once visited Boston while I was speaking on a New England cruise. I’d been told that the people of Boston were rude and that the city was dirty. That’s not at all the way we found Boston.

We had been looking forward to our visit, and got off the ship expecting to have nothing but a good time. And, we did! We walked the Freedom Trail, shopped at Quincy Market and gazed at Fenway Park’s famed Green Monster. And, with but one exception, we found the people there much like those in our Alamo City. The exception is that they spoke with a strange accent. We overlooked it, though, because we just figured those good people hadn’t had a chance to spend much time in Texas.

BARBER-OSOPHY: To find the best in people, look for it.

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Adapted from Barber-osophy – Shear Success for Your Cutting Edge
Copyright @ 1997 Terry L. Sumerlin