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Published:February 1st, 2007 13:47 EST
Becker Helps Supply Green Bricks Footballer Become Salesman

Becker Helps Supply Green Bricks Footballer Become Salesman

By Suren Hossein

As international soccer sensation David Beckham signs his rich new contract thousands of babies are dying of disease and poverty. Beckham sounds like he loves children and it may be true.  However, he has not chosen a good path to run.

Do you know one of Beckham`s sons endures a difficult disease? I am so worried about him and all the ill children in the world. I would like to sell Iranian carpet and give all my profits to heal all ill children.  David Beckham could easily sell his car collection and heal so many.  He does not need the cars or the money.

While English footballers run in front of millions of spectators, thousands of African babies are interested in one hot bowl of soup. Pepsi, Gillette and Volkswagen are investing in Beckham to be a salesman not a footballer. They do not care about people who are in poverty but Beckham is from the London streets and has surely tasted poverty and felt the cold. Of course, I do not accuse them of cruelty.  I think business has its own law.

According to My Side, (Beckham`s autobiography) he searched in rubbish alongside railroad tracks to find any item of worth. But it now sounds like he has forgotten his early years.

Large corporations do not care about soccer.  They will build their futures with green bricks. They are interested in Beckham because he can help them reach their target earnings.

Some great footballers experienced MlS but their transfer was not puffy. Pele and Frans Beckenbauer played soccer in the last years of their professional careers in MLS. Beckham and Victoria are set to immigrate to the U.S. with suitcases full of dollars as war and misery surround the world. It sounds funny when they say they are "not going to the U.S. for the purpose of money."

I doubt Beckham can play for the Galaxy without considering this matter.  He has been a Manchester United and Real Madrid member and cannot forget his roots even though he is now an aristocrat footballer. But U.S. soccer enthusiasm is down as compared to Europe.

Becker seems to think it is better to walk alongside his idol, Michael Jordan and phone Tom Cruise. America is a dreamland for Beckham.

I believe Beckham will be an actor in the U.S. not a footballer. American people like soccer but don`t die for it.  One day you may see Beckham as Rhett Butler and Victoria playing Scarlet O`Hara in a remake of Gone with the Wind.