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Published:April 27th, 2007 13:01 EST
Alternatives to the NFL Draft

Alternatives to the NFL Draft

By Inactive Writer

What is the best way to spend 900 minutes? Some would say that this weekend's NFL Draft, which spans a total of 900 minutes, is worth 15 hours of your time. This is Christmas for all the NFL über-geeks out there.

The draft enthusiasts get giddy when they hear Mel Kiper Jr.'s voice and they love his big hair.  (What does Kiper do when the draft is over?)

But there is a way out of this addiction. Here are some substitute activities that will aid the recovering "draftaholic."

-Watch the "Sox and the Yanks" duke it out once again (Saturday, 3:30 PM, FOX). I know it seems like these two teams play every day but you can't downplay the biggest rivalry in sports. Besides, A-Rod is on pace to hit like 300 homeruns this season.

-Go Outside to enjoy the spring weather. Shoot hoops, work on your garden, walk the dog, or buy some ice cream from the ice cream man.

-Go to the movies. If it is raining, then you could go to the movies. Hot Fuzz is getting rave reviews and should be hilarious because Shaun of the Dead, from the same makers, was an extremely hilarious flick. If "buddy-cop satires" don't float your boat then check out Grindhouse or Fracture.

-Go Fishing. That is what the top-rated offensive lineman, Joe Thomas, will be doing. Thomas, expected to be selected in the top five, will not be a part of the draft this year and in fact, he has never even watched the draft. Joe Thomas gets it.

And lastly, you should get a life. If you just watch the first and second round, then a pass might be considered, but if you actually care about "sixth-round compensatory picks" or a no-namer’s 40-yard dash time then you need to ask a question about yourself.