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Published:May 14th, 2007 07:30 EST
Water Polo Developing Around the World

Water Polo Developing Around the World

By Suren Hossein

The first water polo development championship was held in Kuwait last week and 12 teams from Africa, Asia and South America assayed themselves in this competition.

Water polo is a sport team, which can be best described as a combination of swimming, rugby and wrestling. Water Polo has a long tradition into the Olympic Games. In fact, it was the first team sport to be added into the Olympic Games. Since its first presence into the 1900 Olympic Games, Water Polo has been practiced in various European countries, while the Americans and Asians had also attempted to develop the sport overseas.

Mustapha Larfaoui the Algerian president of FINA (world swimming federation) is so optimistic about expanding this exciting sport in all countries and he was satisfied with the first water polo development championship.

Colombia water polo team as a toddler won in this competition and you will hear more about the trained Colombian sportsmen in the future. Iran, Puerto Rico and Uruguay were strong teams as well and according to Gianni Lonzi, the Italian president of the world water polo committee, “water polo is growing up in South America and Asia like Europe.”

Bruno Cufino and Amedeo Pomilio, two Italian water polo experts in Kuwait emphasized that this sport needs more support. It sounds like they are going to establish a surveillance network for water polo progression.

The FINA water polo competition holds a rotation system annual and each country, just once, can be the host. As of now, there has not been a country to bid for hosting next year’s event and the Water polo society waits to know who will be their next host.

Water polo sport is fun to play and you can try it in your home pool with some people, two goals and one yellow ball. It is like watery soccer. Please try it.