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Published:July 6th, 2007 04:25 EST
ExxonMobil Chemical Begins Commercial Production of Butyl Rubber

Asian Football Cup 2007

By SOP newswire

Asia’s Biggest football tournament “The Asian Cup “ is going to kick off from today .The Opening ceremony has already started with big fireworks .Bangkok is enjoying being the host of the opening ceremony of the Asian Cup .The soothing sound of Tata young has rocked the Stadium with her song “ I believe “ which is also the official song of the tournament .Many traditional dance and cultural performance from Thai was beautiful .They even showed their tribute to their King who now is the Head of the country .The fireworks colored the sky of Bangkok .


Thailand ,Vietnam ,Malaysia and Indonesia  are the four beautiful countries from Asia who are co hosting the Asian Cup .There are all together 16 teams taking part in Asian football cup .Iraq ,Oman ,Thailand and Australia are in Group A .Japan ,Qatar ,UAE and Vietnam in Group B. China ,Iran ,Malaysia and Uzbekistan are in Group V where are Bahrain, Indonesia , Korea Republic and Saudi Arabia are playing from Group D .Today the match between Thailand and Iraq has already started in the same stadium where opening ceremony was held .The Thai fan are cheering for their home team .The football game is broadcasted all over Asia and millions of people from all around Asia who are football crazy are holding their finger crossed and  praying for their home country or favorite team to win the game .


Football is passion in Asia .It is almost loved everywhere in Asia .Many country even have their own home leagues and tournament. These games help them to prepare for bigger match like Asian Cup and later World Cup. Even winning a Asian Cup is like the dream come true for many countries and still some country are way far for the ever to get a chance to participate in Asian Cup .


The powerhouse in football from Asia are Iran, Japan, Korea and Iraq .Since Australia is also taking part in Asian Game the tournament is going to be more interesting to watch as it will increase the rate of toughness in game .Countries like Iran, Korea, Australia and Japan have already played in world Cup and their experience in the world tournament will probably help them to claim over Asian Cup rather than any other country.


The football game is hoped to increase the bond between the Asian countries  by the means of game .Football is such a good way to increase friendship as it is loved by most of the people here in Asia .Let  us hope that Football can heal the pain of Cambodians, make Iraqis enjoy their time and they can live out of fear while their match is going on ,let every country find peace and let the brotherhood grow in between the country .Of course football can do it .It is already known that many countries or rebels groups even made ceasefire so that they could watch football games . Isn’t football the magic game?? Of course it is.