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Published:August 15th, 2007 03:16 EST
Jello on the WVU Football Field

Jello on the WVU Football Field

By Julie Whiteman

You may have heard talk of there being a little bit of Jell-O on West Virginia University`s football field last year, but this year it looks like there may be even more. Of course we`re not talking about the wiggly jiggly food that comes in a little cardboard box. If you haven`t heard, this is your opportunity to get to know Dorrell "Jello` Jalloh up close and personal.

A senior at WVU but a junior on the football field, Jalloh got his nickname from his first day of school in the eighth grade when a teacher mispronounced his last name as "Jello` instead of Jalloh, which is actually pronounced (JAH-LAH). Jalloh says after that day, the name stuck like glue. Jalloh`s father is from Gambia, Africa so the name actually comes from an African language spoken in Gambia.

But enough talk about his name, there is more to Jalloh than just a name. The 21-year-old 6-foot 195 lb. wide receiver, who also wears the number twenty-one, had a couple significant plays last season and is hoping for even bigger and better things for this season.

Originally from Reading, PA, Jalloh moved to Greensboro, NC in the seventh grade and went on to attend and play football for Western Guilford High School. When it came to picking colleges, Maryland and Wake Forest were at the top of his list. However, when his SAT scores were late coming back, the two schools got impatient and WVU stepped in. Jalloh was invited for a visit and offered a scholarship. When the two other schools learned of his interest in WVU they made him offers, but Jalloh says he decided to stick with WVU because they stuck by him. He is pleased with the choice he made.

This season Jalloh has high expectations for himself. He says he wants to do big things " such as being a starter, being as productive as possible, helping the team in any way he can and, hopefully, helping to lead them to a National Championship.

Furthermore, Jalloh has high expectations on and off the field. He is a Broadcast News major in the Perley Isaac Reed School of Journalism, and if he does not go professional with football, hopes to attend graduate school to receive a Master`s degree in Mass Communications and become an anchor for a sports television show. Jalloh prides himself on his time management skills which he believes essential to a productive life. Balancing football and schoolwork can be hard at times, but Jalloh says he just has to keep his priorities in line.

When Jalloh isn`t catching passes on the field or studying for a test, he can be found playing video games, watching movies, listening to some smooth music or even cooking up a meal in the kitchen. And on occasion, he may even cook up some Jell-O just for kicks. But no matter what he is doing, he is staying focused and looking forward to a great 2007 WVU football season with lots of catches, and maybe even a few more touchdowns.