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Published:August 30th, 2007 05:23 EST
Dog gone it! It just aint right!

Dog gone it! It just aint right!

By Will Roberts

Let me start by saying that nothing is true unless it is proven to be true or you have enough money to hire a lawyer to slant the truth. However, my comments below can be used on anyone that is accused of this same act.

It seems that quarterback Michael Vick has been spending most of his time in the doghouse lately, with allegations of cruelty to dogs and racketeering. He originally pled not guilty, then later changed to a guilty plea. However, only copping to dog fighting and not gambling-- as that has a much more severe consequence... banning him from football.
Looking back on his career (Not football), he has had a host of other problems:

Giving alcohol to a minor (girls).
Giving herpes to a young lady
Drivers license suspended (9) offences

All of these while attending Virginia Tech college. You might want to strike him from the class reunion guest list.
Studies say that if you are openly cruel to animals you are just inches away from the same to humans. I fear that if Michael Vick was married, we might be looking for a body instead.

Some may argue that hunting is no different. ORIGINALLY: If an Indian killed an animal, they would use every part-- the fur, the meat, and the bones to make knifes . . . then pray and give thanks.  I heard quoted the other day, “At least hunters are aiming to kill, not maim and torture.” Not right, but different.
Now, I am not defending the hunter, I’m merely pointing out that torture is the gateway to murder. Today . . . dogs, tomorrow . . . classmates.  The other question that seems to be tugging on his leash is:  should he be able to play football again? My answer: only if he catches the ball in his mouth and brings it back on command. Talent is a gift, being able to use it and being paid millions of dollars is a privilege, . . . so  . . . NO!  Why would we allow a person (If proven guilty of this horrible crime) the fame and fortune and attention of this sport? Moreover, let an up and coming player get all positive attention.
I wonder why we don’t punish folks who mistreat animals the same way we punishment humans who mistreat humans. Maybe it is because animals don’t vote.
I have a plan for Mr. Vick: let's sentence him to a year in a kennel, chain him to a poll in his cage and have families walk by him and say “Oh no, he is not adoptable, he looks mean”, then walk away and if he misbehaves swat his nose with a newspaper (The sports section). Then, turn his mansion into an SPCA. 

I hope that I have not come off too harsh in my punishment, but Dogs are man’s best friend, and all they ask for is your love and attention.  Either we live with our animals or we live like animals. Mr. Vick, you made a major fumble and I am not even sure your own teammates want you to recover the ball . . . EVER!
Oh, if you want to learn more about Mr. Vick, hang tight-- it seems his dad plans on cashing in on his son's misfortune by writing a book about him. Proceeds will probably go to his drug habit.