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Published:November 4th, 2007 05:14 EST
A Go-Kart Racing Career in the Making

A Go-Kart Racing Career in the Making

By Nick Boustead

Today is the day. I am finally getting a go-kart and getting started on my racing career. I have been taking racing classes and practicing for months, and I am getting a racing kart and am going to start serious racing. I know it will be tough and dangerous, but it is my passion and I am willing. I am so excited about my go-kart career. 

I cannot believe it. I am looking at a Baretta GSX deluxe racing kart. The salesman states, “It is three centimeters off the ground with a bare metal frame, lots of chrome, a Briggs and Straton 60cc 100 horsepower 2 cylinder 4 stroke engine, and a super grip steering wheel.” I look up at my dad in anticipation. He nods his head. “Yes!” I roar. It’s all mine. This thing can do a max speed of 127 miles per hour. “Wow Nick, this thing looks great,” says my dad. I look up at him in wonderment. I am dumbfounded that my frugal dad got me this. Although I hate to admit it, my dad is actually more passionate about this than I am. We can’t wait to try this thing out. 

It’s go time. My dad and I are at the main stadium after hours of practice. The controlled beast of an engine is roaring behind me, dying to get a taste of that freshly paved asphalt. My dad yells, “Be careful!” I nod in agreement. The flag is about to be waved. The racer next to me yells, “You’re dead meat!” He revs his engine and I can taste the black, toxic smoke creeping down my throat. This is it! The flag waves and everyone guns it. My skin feels like it is peeling off my face. The first turn comes and I slam the wheel sideways. I slide a little bit too much, but I’m o.k. I am in about sixth place, which is good for a rookie like me.  My hands are gripping that wheel for dear life. I am twisting the wheel left and right, the kart is sliding, and my eyes feel like they are going to disappear into my brain. Oh what fun! 

This is crunch time. After a great race of me doing exceptionally well, this is the last lap. My wrists are about to fall off. I am in third place. My goal is to pass the person in second. He is right ahead of me. I jerk the wheel and attempt to pass him. He cuts me off. That jerk is cheating! On the next turn, I manage to slip by him unnoticed and get a little bit ahead of him. By this time, he notices me. Oh well. Onto the racer in first. After a few swift maneuvers, my kart is edging up on racer number one. All of a sudden, I feel my kart shudder. I take no notice. Then it happens again but harder. I turn my head and look back. The person whom I passed is trying to bump me off the road! Is he trying to get us both killed or something? Then he hits me again and I can’t shake him. And then I realize something. This race was a great experience. I had a blast. Does it really matter if I get first, second, or third? I let my foot off the accelerator, and I ease it onto the brake. As he passes me, he flashes me a rude hand signal. I could care less. I watch as he moves up on the person in first. He begins the bumping treatment on him, too, except the person in first doesn’t move. He keeps on bumping harder and harder; and suddenly, the person in first loses control! He bumps into the person in second, and then HE loses control. They both spin out to the side of the course, and luckily, they are both o.k. That means that the racer who was in third is now in first. Hey, wait a minute, that’s ME! I cross the finish line with a huge grin on my face.  

That day, I learned two very important lessons. One, I actually do have some skill; and two, winning is not always the most important thing. Now I know that I won this race but not with a winning attitude. Had I had a winning attitude, I wouldn’t have let Mr. Cheaterpants pass me, which would have resulted in ruining the race and possibly my life. I am so happy about my accomplishments, and I greatly look forward to a fruitful racing career. I hope Mr. Naughtyboy was taught a good lesson.



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