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Published:April 29th, 2008 17:03 EST
Roger Clemens: Decade-Long Relationship with Country Star Mindy McCready

Roger Clemens: Decade-Long Relationship with Country Star Mindy McCready

By Robert Paul Reyes

Roger Clemens had a decade-long relationship with country star Mindy McCready that began when she was a 15-year-old aspiring singer and the pitcher was a Boston Red Sox ace, the Daily News reported.

"I cannot refute anything in the story," McCready told the newspaper in a story posted on its Web site Monday night.

"I have known Roger Clemens for a long time," she said, without detailing the nature of their relationship.

Clemens' lawyer, Rusty Hardin, confirmed the pitcher and singer had known each other for a long time but told the newspaper there was no sex.

Quotation from the Associated Press

When a sports star falls from grace the star-struck fans and the worshipful media lament: Say, it ain't so Joe. But not in the case of Roger Clemens, experience has taught us that Clemens will deny the truth even when it is as plain as day. You don't have to be a personal trainer or a pharmacist to know that Clemens is lying when he vehemently denies taking steroids.

Just when you thought nothing could be more sordid than the spectacle of needles used to inject Clemens in the butt as introduced in a congressional hearing, there's this story from the Associated Press.

Clemens claims that McCready was a long-time family friend. Yeah, right, funny how Mrs. Clemens insists McCready is not a family friend.

"In its story Monday night, sources told the News that McCready went with Clemens to his hotel room in Fort Myers, FL, after their first meeting but that they did not have sex. The relationship turned intimate after she later moved to Nashville and became a country star, the paper said."

Quotation from the Associated Press

I'm sure Clemens didn't have sex with the then 15-year-old McCready when they spent the night together in his hotel room. I can imagine their first night together:

McCready: Rog, why do you have acne all over your back and butt?

Clemens: Baby, it's that stupid flaxseed oil, it causes me to break out.

McCready: And why are your, um, privates so little?

Clemens: Baby, it's a side effect from those dang vitamins.

McCready: Why do you want me to do that? I thought we weren't going to have sex.

Clemens: Don't be silly. Come on, President Clinton explained how oral sex is not sex.

McCready: OK, Rog. (giggling) Doing anything with your little thing doesn't qualify as sex.

According to the Associated Press article McCready had a No. 1 single in 1996 with "Guys Do It All The Time." LOL, no kidding. Just ask Clemens