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Published:July 8th, 2008 12:37 EST
Iran protests US over visa denial for blind athletes

Iran protests US over visa denial for blind athletes

By Suren Hossein

Head of Iran`s Blind Sports Federation has criticized the U.S. official because of refusing to issue visas for Iranian Powerlifting Team which was scheduled to participate in the world championship in Miami.  

"We have won seven successive championships and undoubtedly the competitions lost the luster without our powerhouse team," said Ali-Asghar Hadizadeh.  

"Politics should not interfere with sports. Iranian blind athletes faced so many problems in the training session due to their disability, but now the United States held the event without them taking part in it," he added.  

The sixth annual International Blind Sports Association Bench Press and Powerlifting championships was held in Miami, the U.S., on Friday and Saturday.  

The US officials will very likely refuse to issue visas for Iran`s Disabled Track and Field and Weightlifting as well. The competitions are scheduled to kick off from July 17.