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Published:September 4th, 2008 21:27 EST
LPGA's English Only Rule Is Racist

LPGA's English Only Rule Is Racist

By Robert Paul Reyes

The Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) is a niche sport, it doesn`t enjoy the widespread popularity of the PGA. According to Wikipedia in 2008 the prize money on the LGPA Tour was $58 million, that`s pocket change for Tiger Woods.

A sport with such a limited appeal needs to reach out to every segment of American society. But recently the LPGA enacted a new rule that will turn off Hispanics, Asians and other minorities.

"The LPGA will require players to speak English during pro-ams, trophy presentations and media interviews starting in 2009, with players who have been LPGA members for two years facing suspension if they can`t pass an oral evaluation of English skills. The rule is effective immediately for new players."

Associated Press

The LPGA is like a traveling United Nations, the tour is teeming with players from all over the world. The LPGA should do its best to welcome the international players; this drastic rule is a slap on the face to the foreign players who are such a big draw on the tour.

In fact the leading LPGA player, Lorena Ochoa, is from Mexico. She can speak English, but thinks the new rule is a "little drastic."

Golf is not a team sport where it`s critical that players be able to converse with each other. It`s a sport where the individual reigns supreme, it could be argued that Tiger Woods is the PGA. Players should be allowed to be themselves, and that includes letting them speak in their native languages.

Players who have been LPGA members for at least two years face suspension if they can`t pass an oral English test. This is demeaning and outrageous, the only English word they need to know is "Fore".