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Published:September 25th, 2008 13:05 EST
Paralympics:  A place for those who can do

Paralympics: A place for those who can do

By Suren Hossein

On the front page of a football site you will see this sentence Only those who bet are winners". Now, I will tell you a new thing "All those who participate in Paralympics are winners"


13th Paralympic Games held in Beijing from September 6th to September 17th  had Over 4,200 athletes - from six different disability groups - from 148 countries that took part in the 2008 Summer Paralympic Games. "One World One Dream" was the slogan of the Olympic and Paralympic and you will see the graffiti on the walls of the Beijing`s buildings, in remembrance of the great events.


Hou Bin, a Paralympic Gold medalist, climbed a rope to light the Paralympic flame during the Opening Ceremony at the National Stadium. Over 91,000 spectators kept silent and looked at him, going up to create a glittering performance and eventually, he did it.


The theatrical feast was held with a 6,000-strong cast that included hundreds of disabled performers. The most memorable moment came when the earthquake survivor, Li Yue took centre stage in a wheelchair, dressed in a pink tutu, to perform a "hand ballet" to Ravel`s Bolero.


German photographer, Steffen Berk, told me the athletes generally participate in the Olympics for business, but nobody has come to Paralympic to make money. All those participate in the competitions just think about sports.


Disabled isn`t an acceptable word from now on. They can, therefore, they are able. Oscar Pistorious, South African Blade Runner, surprised everybody at the Bird`s Nest.


You had to be there.


Also, the Iranian sitting volleyball performance and Australian wheelchair basketball team as well. The world`s most strongest man did pretty good in the Paralympics. Iranian Hercules Kazem Rajabi who lifted 265 kg, 1.5 more than two-time Olympic gold medalist Hossein Rezazadeh.


You had to be there.