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Published:January 15th, 2009 10:09 EST

Dad Arrested For Giving His Son Steroids

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A man has been arrested for giving his teenage son steroids to motivate him about sports. The man was charged with distributing a controlled substance to a minor.

Authorities said the investigation began after the man`s 14-year-old son assaulted his mother at her Gilbertville home on Nov. 19. Officers who responded to the home found a syringe and 105 pills in the boy`s bedroom."

The Associated Press

I commend the father for taking an interest in the athletic development of his son, but instead of giving him steroids he should have given him a lecture on good sportsmanship, and a bottle of Flinstones vitamins.

The dad should also take an interest in the intellectual progress of his son. Our society places too much emphasis on sports, and not enough on reading `riting and `rithmetic.

When I graduated from Intermediate school (7th and 8th grade) I received a 4-inch trophy for having the 3rd highest GPA of my class. Kids who participated in intramural sporting events received trophies as tall as themselves. I`ve resented jocks ever since, and I never miss a chance to point out that sports is overrated.

It`s bad enough when a professional athlete takes steroids, but when a teenager succumbs to the temptation there`s a huge potential for disaster. The last thing that an adolescent needs is steroids to add to the craziness that`s already going on in his changing body.

It`s not surprising that the boy assaulted his mother in a fit of roid rage. I hope that the kid has a male role model besides his father.