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Published:January 27th, 2009 23:30 EST
Christian School, Guilty of Being Unsportsmanlike, Volleys for a Forfeit

Christian School, Guilty of Being Unsportsmanlike, Volleys for a Forfeit

By Christopher HIllenbrand

Volley, in the title, would seem to have given away the sport, in which the two teams played, but you`d have been wrong and drives toward the hoop of righteousness would come off too contrived.


But the Christian private academy: The Covenant School, in Dallas, did just that after their Girls` Varsity Basketball team annihilated an opponent 100 to nothing. To clear their own conscience, the school publicly apologized for humiliating their opponents a week after the blowout and sought to have the win stricken from their record.


The team on the receiving end on both counts, The Dallas Academy, accepted the school`s dean`s apologies but still held reservations over the student players to blame. There is an tacit golden rule for all athletic competition demanding teams to display sportsmanship, integrity, and respect  and The Covenant`s basketball team showed none of that. Going into halftime of the game, the score was 59 zip to which many parents of students from both sides felt ashamed for watching such a spectacle. Spectators of the game called the contest more of a lay-up exercise than a game. The victors didn`t let up at any point during the game either. They consistently made 3 point shots all throughout the game even going into the 4th quarter. Only by the assiduous determination from the clearly over-matched girls were the virtuous Christians kept to 100 points.


One of the girls from the blighted squad even accounted: even if you are losing, you might as well keep playing. Keep trying, and it`s going to be OK.


Luckily following the game, The Covenant`s coach and parents of students on the winning team congratulated the Academy`s girls for their stick-to-itiveness.


On one final note, note the nebulous religion of those indicted. Christians being hypocritical: I never thought I see the day. I can`t be too judgmental but these stories seem to be occurring far too often nowadays. And then the many fine Christians wonder why the youth in their creed is given a bad name.