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Published:March 30th, 2009 18:02 EST
Man Is Charged With a $25,000 Fine for Twittering

Man Is Charged With a $25,000 Fine for Twittering

By Christopher HIllenbrand

If you`re Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, you know all too well the price that comes attached to twittering. And I`m not speaking about the social costs that come with glorified texting (of which I`ll talk about later), but what a person such as he, in a position of high responsibility and authority, has to remember to do and not to do next time he chirps to flocks of self-important geese.

Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks

On Sunday, the NBA issued Mark Cuban a $25,000 fine for a tweet he made complaining about a call referees made during the game in which the Mavericks lost to the Denver Nuggets 103-101.

Following the loss on Friday night, Cuban wrote on the Twitter social network online that the officials neglected to call a penalty on Nuggets` player J.R. Smith when he came off the bench to tease Antoine Wright after the latter missed a shot near Denver`s bench.

After being slapped by the fine, Cuban proceeded to rip into the NBA`s disciplinary measure by saying: (he) can`t say no one makes money from Twitter now. The NBA does. "

But as I warned in the preface, Cuban should`ve learned his lesson earlier seeing that this wasn`t his first time he flouted NBA policy.

In an earlier match-up between the same two teams, the Mavericks` owner was forced to pay the same amount after causing an incident following a foul, as he claimed, that wasn`t called on J.R. Smith. Cuban even proposed that the fine should go to a charitable cause in Smith`s name, but later donated the money to a fund for treating a recently disfigured hockey player.

J.R. Smith seems to have gotten into Cuban`s craw, and perhaps he enjoys badgering the owner never always on the officials` good side. I certainly can`t say for sure but it`s entertaining nonetheless, like other similar trivial feuds in sports. Hopefully, it isn`t over yet.