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Published:April 18th, 2009 11:02 EST
Haddadi Has a High Basketball IQ, Memphisflyer says

Haddadi Has a High Basketball IQ, Memphisflyer says

By Suren Hossein

Hamed Haddadi`s performance in the NBA has been widely appreciated in an article published on the Memphisflyer site.


I was really rooting for Haddadi and I think he`s going to work out okay. Haddadi is still very much a project, but he had some meaningful minutes down the stretch and proved to be a more promising big-man project than the likes of Cezary Trybanski and Robert Archibald, " Chris Herrington wrote.


Haddadi can clearly rebound and block and alter shots at the NBA level. He also seems to have a high basketball IQ, is a surprising passer at times, and seems to be well liked by his teammates. He looked dreadful offensively, with a bizarrely labored jump shot and weak, wooden moves around the rim when he wasn`t in a catch-and-dunk situation. His conditioning and strength are clearly not at an NBA level, " he added.


Haddadi needs to put in serious work this summer, but the reasonable hope is that he can give the team at least legitimate spot minutes as a back-up center next season, " Herrington concluded.