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Published:August 19th, 2009 14:40 EST
A New Era in Prime Time Television Is Born

A New Era in Prime Time Television Is Born

By Ron G Anselm

     With the exit of Monday Night Football from ABC and the rebirth to ESPN, NBC has a chance to make great ratings in the world of sports in prime time with its new commodity, Sunday Night Football. Sunday Night football is going to be great and is going to be up there in ratings but at first, or at least for the first few years to come until Sunday Night football wins is popularity on prime time sports, may have a tough act to follow to get out of the shadow of Monday Night football.

     I must have watched every Monday Night football game from 1970 " 2005 which is the past years the show was televised on ABC. Monday Night football was full of memories, with some of the greatest games played, and left the sports fan with the lasting memories that take us down memory lane as we see a recent play that reminds us of a time in a past game that leaves us with the excitement the true sports fan wants to feel when watching a good football game.

     Some of the greatest games were played on Monday Night football that featured those last second two-minute offenses that started back 90-yards and somehow made the end zone down the field in the last seconds to win the game for the driving offense. Those are the types of games and memories that the sports fan wants to see and make a mark in his or her memory.

     Another aspect that makes football games so great is the announcers. Monday Night football had lots of talent in that category with names like, Keith Jackson who laid the foundation for the show and started the great reputation of talent for future play-by-play announcers. We can`t forget Frank Gifford who called so many great plays with excitement and fun, and Al Michaels who I believe is one of the most talented and great play-by-play announcers and will prove to take his great talent to future Sunday Night football games.

     The play-by-play announcer is not alone in the booth. He has his color commentator and again Monday Night football left a lasting impression on us in that department as-well. One of the most popular and well-known color commentators was the great Howard Cosell. With his unique voice and style of calling and commenting on play-by-play action, it`s no wonder when we reflect back to Monday Night football his name pops up in our mind.

     Other names like Dandy " Don Meredith who was an ex-player brought great insight to some of the most complicated plays ran by offenses which helped to explain the understanding of those plays and the benefits of why the team may have chosen that particular play to run for that particular situation.

     The list goes on of color commentators that added to the atmosphere of the game on Monday night and the feeling we felt when we heard the famous Monday Night football song that still brings a chill up my spine.

     Sunday Night football is now in the limelight and is like A Quarterback throwing a bomb on the opening drive " the show will go far and prove to be the right play called in the clutch situation " (Anselm, R., 2009)

     We all know the great John Madden retired from football after over three years working with Al Michaels as the color commentator on Sunday Night football and after 30-years in the game as a coach and broadcaster. Cris Collinsworth will be Madden`s successor and though will have a tough act to follow and probably be under the microscope for a while " he will prove to be a great commentator and prove to be a great successor for Madden.

     Al Michaels will blend in well working with Cris Collinsworth and the two together working as a team should take the show to the next level. There have already been memorable and great games played in the past on Sunday Night football which is laying the foundation for the game as Monday Night football did when it first aired on National Television and this season is starting to head in the right direction with the recent Hall of Fame game played a couple of weeks ago where the Tennessee Titans beat the Buffalo Bills 21-18 in a thriller to start the NFL preseason off like a field goal kicker booting the last second chip shot to win a game.

     So, let`s take Sunday Night football into the record books starting this season as a new era of prime time football on a new night and watch some of the games, players, and plays that will inspire your every sensation of being a sports fan and spring you into feeling the way it feels to watch your favorite team battle it out as two teams perform like two great armies and flock through the present game as if it was the last game of the season.