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Published:August 27th, 2009 14:26 EST
Coach: Soccer Players Can't Have Open Homosexual Relationship

Coach: Soccer Players Can't Have Open Homosexual Relationship

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Italy coach Marcello Lippi was rebuked by one of Italy`s leading gay associations on Wednesday for saying two members of the national team could not have an open homosexual relationship.

`Why, dear Lippi, couldn`t footballers openly experience gay love when they show their flirts with every type of showgirl in front of every TV camera?` said a statement on the Arcigay association`s website ("


When male heterosexual athletes are photographed embracing or kissing models or actresses, it adds to their mystique and marketing power. Nobody expects sports stars to be choirboys, we expect them to take advantage of thier fame and go to clubs to pick up women.

Why do fans expect homosexual athletes to adopt an asexual persona? Lippi should be fired for his homophobic statement. He should care about what soccer players do on the field, and not what they do behind closed doors.

If the gay soccer players kiss on the field while a game is going on, that`s one thing. But what they do in their private lives is none of the coaches damn business!