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Published:September 9th, 2009 11:45 EST
Michael Vick Speaks To High School Students

Michael Vick Speaks To High School Students

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Michael Vick spoke to a group of 200 incoming freshmen on their first day of classes at Nueva Esperanza Academy, a charter school in North Philadelphia, earlier today. In his speech to the students, Vick used himself as an example of the dangers of succumbing to peer pressure rather than being a leader - but, at least in the portion of the speech shown in the above video, mentioned the dogs he abused and killed only in the most tangential ways.

`Growing up, I had dreams and I always wanted to have this great, lavish life and make it to the NFL, go and accomplish great things and leave a great legacy. That was my goal from a young kid,` Vick told the students. `My future was promising . . . at some point, I got sidetracked. I started listening to my friends and doing some things that were not ethical and not right.`"

Michael Vick`s crimes were despicable, and if it were up to me he would still be rotting in prison. There are some animal lovers who believe that a person who electrocuted and drowned dogs is beyond redemption, but miracles happen and perhaps Vick will turn his life around.

It`s way too early to tell if Vick is a changed man, let`s see if ten years from now he is still speaking out against animal cruelty. When Vick`s no longer trailed by a horde of reporters, will he still be making appearances on behalf of the Humane Society?

I love animals and I`m biased against Vick, but I urge you to watch the video and judge for yourself.