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Published:September 13th, 2009 15:49 EST
Video: Serena Williams' Epic Meldown At US Open

Video: Serena Williams' Epic Meldown At US Open

By Robert Paul Reyes

In the women`s semifinal at the US Open you expect to see two of the best tennis players in the world playing their hearts out, and exhibiting sportsmanship worthy of champions.

In the 2009 women`s semifinal match we saw a great exhibition of tennis played at its best, until the last few seconds when Serena Williams had a meltdown of epic proportions.

"When a lineswoman called Williams for a foot fault to set up match point for Clijsters, Williams argued spitefully and then verbally abused the official. She picked up a second code violation for unsportsmanlike conduct, but she had no points left to give.

After the foot fault, Williams shook her fist at the lineswoman, and from just a few metres away yelled her abuse." Read more:

Serena Williams poses a very intimidating figure, she has legs like tree trunks and a very ugly countenance. When this brute of a woman shakes her fist, waves her racket and approaches an official, it`s enough to make even a football player quiver like a schoolgirl.

This is what Serena Williams screamed at the official:

"If I could, I would take this ... ball and shove it down your ... throat and kill you," Williams said. The expletives have been deleted. This coarse language may be par for the course in Compton, CA, but it`s out of place at the US Open.

Serena has been a disgrace to women`s tennis for a long time, she and her sister are full-time prima donnas and part-time tennis players. The sisters will show up at the major championships, but they treat the rest of the schedule with contempt.

Serena is one of only a handful of African American players in professional tennis, it`s incumbent upon her to act with dignity and humility so as not to give racists an opportunity to argue that blacks don`t belong in the ranks of tennis professionals.

Serena acted like a thug and a criminal -- threatening to kill someone is nothing short of a criminal act. She should receive a lifetime ban from tennis, but the Women`s Tennis Association will simply slap her wrist.

Tennis fans should boycott Serena Williams, show the Women`s Tennis Association that we won`t put up with thugs.

Serena Williams: You are a disgrace to women`s tennis. Please go away!