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Published:September 30th, 2009 11:31 EST
Crime-Ridden Chicago Doesn't Deserve 2016 Olympics

Crime-Ridden Chicago Doesn't Deserve 2016 Olympics

By Robert Paul Reyes

Chicago has spent millions to entice the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to choose the Second City as host of the 2016 Summer Games.

On Friday the IOC will select Chicago, Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo or Madrid as host of the 2016 Olympics.

Hosting the Olympics means prestige, and millions in tourist dollars, and the Windy City that is plagued by street crime and political corruption is desperately seeking this economic plum.

Nations use the Olympics to showcase the strides that they have made not only in athletics, but in business and in every other realm. The 2008 Beijing Olympics announced to the world that the Sleeping Giant is wide awake and ready to assume its place as a superpower.

Some Americans are hoping that Chicago wins its bid to host the Olympics, because it seems the patriotic thing to do. But hosting the Olympics would be a disaster for Chicago and for America.

A poll by the Chicago Tribune showed that residents are evenly split, with 47 percent in favor of the bid and 45 percent against. If even the residents of Chicago aren`t gung ho about hosting the Olympics, the IOC should reject Chicago as a suitable host city.

Why do the people of Chicago have mixed feelings about hosting the Olympics? Because crime is rampant in their fair city, and Chicagoans rightly feel that politicians should be spending their time, money and energies fighting this plague.

Chicago is a very poor choice to host the Olympics, it will showcase the worst of America, not the best. If Chicago can`t protect its own citizens from brutal street thugs, how can it possibly protect thousands of non-street savvy foreigners?

In a surprising move President Barack Obama is traveling to Copenhagen to campaign for Chicago hosting the Summer Olympics. This is a risky and silly move by Obama, if Chicago loses its bid he will be perceived as a loser by the world community.

With the economy in shambles, and Obama`s health care plan going nowhere (not to mention two senseless wars), the leader of the free world needs to get his priorities in order.

Chicago and Obama need to be publicly humiliated; I hope commonsense prevails and the Windy City loses its bid to host the 2016 Summer Olympics.