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Published:October 2nd, 2009 17:17 EST
Obama Biggest Fool In The World: Olympics Disaster

Obama Biggest Fool In The World: Olympics Disaster

By Robert Paul Reyes


"U.S. President Barack Obama`s politically risky Olympics gamble failed to bring home the gold on Friday, with the Olympics committee`s refusal to grant the 2016 Summer Games to his hometown Chicago.

The president, whose even-tempered personality has earned him the nickname `No Drama Obama,` broke from that mold to make an overnight dash from Washington to Copenhagen to personally lobby for Chicago.

Obama and his wife, Michelle, had taken their star power to the Danish capital to make Chicago`s case, ignoring the carping from Republican opponents who charged it was a bad time to go with foreign policy challenges in Iran and Afghanistan and the U.S. Congress bogged down in a domestic healthcare debate." Read more

President Barack Obama who prides himself on being a "citizen of the world" was dealt a crushing and humiliating blow by the world community when the International Olympic Committee (IOC) rejected Chicago`s bid to host the 2016 Sumer Games.

Obama`s mad dash to Copenhagen to personally lobby for Chicago ended in disaster -- the IOC rebuffed the President of the United States and chose Rio de Janeiro

Obama`s trip to Copenhagen was as intemperate and ridiculous as McCain`s decision to suspend his campaign on September 24, 2008 so that he could focus on the financial crisis.

McCain`s idiotic move lead to his decisive defeat and Obama`s humiliation will have serious repercussions at home and abroad.

A weakened president will now try to revive his health care plan. Good luck with that! A chastened Leader of the Free World will now try to convince Iran and North Korea to abandon their nuclear dreams. Good luck with that!

Pride cometh before destruction, an arrogant Obama thought he could use his silver tongue to convince the IOC to select crime-ridden and politically corrupt Chicago to be the host of the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Obama should have stayed home and focused his attention on his health care plan, and on finding a way to free us from the senseless wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

I`m a liberal who voted for Obama, but I think he needed to be brought down a peg or two. Now that he has been humiliated beyond belief, hopefully it will make him a wiser leader.