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Published:October 15th, 2009 16:58 EST
Let's Start the NFL Playoffs Now

Let's Start the NFL Playoffs Now

By Geoff Dean

 People often make the comment that "if the season were to end today, such and such a team would be the strongest." Of course, when they say this, by definition, it is not the end of the season and as such the comment is worthless, but it never seems to discourage anyone from saying it. Including me.

 If the season were to end right now, which team would be the strongest? It might be the Vikings, which feature in Favre`s own words, "the strongest group of athletes" he has ever played with. (I wonder what Shannon Sharpe and company thought of that comment). Still, I`m not sure that Favre has played such strong opponents yet or done all that wonderfully. It might be the Giants, which quietly, efficiently, keep winning, just off most radar screens. Or, it may be, as I have heard some color commentators (is this term pc?) suggest, my very own hometown Indianapolis Colts, fresh off destroying the Titans, their usual main division challenger.

 This brings my proposal. We can go through the rest of the season, force the Lions to lose some more games, ask stupid questions like "which team is the real Dolphins?" or "which Cowboys team will show up this week?" We can debate the impact of the bye week, extra preparation versus too much time off. We can watch as a few key stars go down to injury as some always do. Or we can cut to the quick and fast forward to the part of the season everyone wants to see anyway. Let`s just start the playoffs right away.

 Of course, my proposal has nothng to do with the fact that Colts have had a long term tendency to start out strong, build an insurmountable lead in their division and then fade down the stretch. Nor that Favre, the person I am most interested in, seems to similarly come unglued late in the year. It`s not that I want to start the playoffs when the Colts are at their peak. It`s just that the next eleven weeks will be killing me.

 If the Colts were 0-5, I could relax. Nothing to get nervous about until next year. If they were 2-3 or 3-2, I could try to focus on the positive and keep my hope up. If they were 4-1, I could be excited about the prospects for an off-season berth. But they are 5-0. There is nowhere to go but down. I wish them success but I wish, for the sake of an undying Colts fan, they would hurry up and lose one.

 For the fans of winning teams, the sooner the season finishes the better. Still, knowing the stubborn NFL, they`ll probably make me stew in my juices until next year. How cruel! And I will probably be back next week with more of the same. If the NFL can be cruel, why not I?