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Published:October 19th, 2009 15:18 EST
3 Men Die Running The Detroit Marathon

3 Men Die Running The Detroit Marathon

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Three men died within 16 minutes of each other while running a marathon in Detroit, officials said.

Temperatures were cool and emergency personnel stationed throughout the course were able to reach all three men seconds after they collapsed on Sunday morning, race officials said." AFP

It`s not surprising if three men die within 16 minutes of each other while running in the mean streets of Detroit. But these guys weren`t killed by gunfire; they died of exhaustion while running a marathon.

Deaths at a marathon are extremely rare, and to have three persons die within minutes of each other is mind-boggling. I wouldn`t argue with those who claim that Detroit is cursed.

Downtown Detroit looks like the war-torn Beirut of the 1980s; it`s besieged by crime, unemployment, and hard economic times. The doomed metropolis holds a marathon to try to generate some excitement and unite its citizens, and it ends in disaster.

The Detroit Chamber of Commerce has an impossible task; most entrepreneurs would rather set up a business in the lowest pit of hell. This tragedy is the last thing Detroit needed; the only thing that can save the Motor City is a miracle.