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Published:October 22nd, 2009 13:25 EST
Steve Phillips Sex Scandal

Steve Phillips Sex Scandal

By Robert Paul Reyes


"ESPN on Wednesday granted Steve Phillips, an analyst on its Sunday night baseball games, an extended leave of absence after The New York Post reported that he had an affair with a 22-year-old production assistant at the network. "We were aware of this and took appropriate discipline at the time," the network said in a statement.

ESPN would not say what punishment it had imposed on Phillips when it learned of the affair last summer, or comment on a report that he had been suspended for a week. A letter from the woman, Brooke Hundley, to Phillips`s wife detailing the affair was contained in a Wilton, Conn., police report." Read More

Sleeping with subordinates is not a fringe benefit of being an ESPN baseball analyst. At the very least Steve Phillips displayed poor judgment, and at the worst he is guilty of sexual harassment.

The affair happened last summer, and from all accounts Phillips received a slap on the wrist from ESPN. It`s Phillips who requested the time off so he could deal with the aftermath of his ill-advised affair.

Phillip`s lover has gone Fatal Attraction on him, repeatedly calling his wife and sending her a letter graphically describing his private parts.

Phillips claims his affair is a personal matter, and he refuses to comment. When you have sex with a co-worker it`s no longer simply a personal matter, it could become a problem for your employer`s legal and human resources departments. It also becomes fodder for the tabloids -- the public has an insatiable appetite for celeb gossip.

If Phillips wanted his sex life to remain private, he should have remained faithful to his wife, or at least been more discreet.

ESPN should send a clear message that it doesn`t condone anything that might be interpreted as sexual harassment in the workplace by firing Phillips. In a perfect world Phillips would be unemployable, and he would be an analyst for a childrens` baseball league.


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