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Published:October 26th, 2009 20:32 EST
Bob Griese Tells Racist Joke About Juan Pablo Montoya

Bob Griese Tells Racist Joke About Juan Pablo Montoya

By Robert Paul Reyes

"ESPN/ABC college football analyst Bob Griese, brought a reminder that one thing remains banned in mainstream TV sports - any refer to race or ethnicity.

During ABC`s Ohio State-Minnesota football game Saturday, there was an on-air promotion for the network`s NASCAR coverage Sunday that included a reference to Colombian driver Juan Pablo Montoya not being among the top five drivers in the NASCAR standings. Which led to Griese saying Montoya isn`t in that top five because `he`s out having a taco.`"

When a guy in a bar has a lapse in judgement and makes a racist joke, you can blame it on the booze or on the collegial and informal setting.

But when a football analyst makes a juvenile and racist joke on live TV, it can`t be so easily excused or explained away. Griese is a broadcasting professional who knows that if he makes an inappropriate comment it`s going to reflect badly not only on himself, but on ESPN and the network`s advertisers.

There is simply no excuse or justification for Griese`s racist comment, he should be suspended by ESPN. Griese apologized for his comment during the broadcast, but it`s too little too late. Griese should have apologized immediately after uttering his racist joke.

Juan Pablo Montoya is a world class race driver who has achieved success in NASCAR, Formula One and CART. He`s a professional who deserves respect, and he`s more of a gentleman than Griese can ever hope to be.

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