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Published:November 9th, 2009 21:15 EST
Week 9 High and Lowlights: The Unimpressive Undefeated and the problem of Vick

Week 9 High and Lowlights: The Unimpressive Undefeated and the problem of Vick

By Geoff Dean

It`s getting to be a bit repetitive. Each week, the Saints and the Colts win again and each week, I question whether they are really worthy or not. I`ll admit that 8-0 is an impressive mark. The Saints and Colts can basically glide into the playoffs. As I see it, if either team goes 2-6 or maybe even 1-7 the rest of the way, they are in the postseason. Come up with 4-4 and they will win their division. 6-2 (or probably even 5-3) means home field throughout the playoffs.

The Saints have managed three straight comeback wins, which is impressive despite the fact that the opposition has been all that much so. Brees continues to suggest that he might be MVP this year and that the Saints may be contenders for the Lombardi trophy, but there are also hints of fallibility, especially on the defensive side of the ball. If you can`t shut down the "minnows", what will happen when you have to deal with the high powered offenses that will show up in the playoffs. Also, "coming back" while a sign of character and poise, is also a sign that the Saints are giving up early scores, perhaps, a sign of lack of focus.

The Colts, for my money, still continue not to impress. As a Colts fan, I am pleased when they win and there has been a lot of pleasure lately (16 regular season wins in a row). But against some lesser notables (sorry for the rudeness to the Texans and 49ers, but you still have a ways to go), the Colts have been forced to come up with gimmick plays and rely on the other teams missed field goals and the like. I`d rather be lucky than good but I`d much rather be lucky AND good.

Anyway, next week, the Colts get their ancient nemeses, the Patriots. For many years, the Patriots ended the Colts` playoff runs. The year the Colts went all the way, they beat the Patriots twice including an AFC championship game thriller. In other words, the Patriots are a good indication of how strong the undefeated Colts really are. If they are 9-0 next week, I will be shouting and dancing and screaming and will ultimately calm down and return to kvetching on the SOP.

Still, I feel sorry for Michael Vick. How does a team with a great QB like the Eagles with McNabb take advantage of Vick`s athletic ability. After 9 weeks, the Eagles don`t know, either. Vick is not up to par, detractors say. Of course not, I counter, for he isn`t getting enough game experience. He needs more playing time to get up to speed and needs to get up to speed to earn more playing time.

The man is no saint, New Orleans or otherwise, but he has been given a second chance by the NFL, wisely, I think, and he has behaved himself in exemplary fashion. And yet, by the end of the season, he may be released. You can keep a space on a team in the NFL for someone who once was and should be again a superstar, when you need players who can help you win now.

 So there you have it. I have put down the Saints, the Colts, and Michael Vick. I will leave baseball, apple pie, and Chevrolet for next time.