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Published:November 28th, 2009 13:30 EST
Tiger Woods' Bizarre Accident: Did Wife Clobber Him With Golf Club?

Tiger Woods' Bizarre Accident: Did Wife Clobber Him With Golf Club?

By Robert Paul Reyes

On Friday at 2:25 am golfing icon Tiger Woods was in a car accident in front of his own home. That much is not in dispute, but the circumstances of the accident are a mystery.
Initial reports described Tiger Woods as "seriously injured", but the golfing legend suffered only facial lacerations, and he has been released from the hospital.
Why did Tiger feel compelled to leave his home at such an ungodly hour? We know that Tiger is always working on his golf game, but I doubt that he was going to practice his putting that early in the morning.
TMZ.Com, The National Enquirer, and dozens of other publications, are reporting that Tiger is having an affair with knockout beauty Rachel Uchitel. Could it be that the world`s most famous athlete had an early morning rendezvous with his mistress? I would get up that early, and fly a thousand miles to hook up with Rachel.
But Tiger wasn`t exactly sneaking out of his home, he had the petal to the metal. Tiger was imitating a NASCAR driver, and he crashed into a fire hydrant on his property.
Investigators said alcohol was not involved -- only two things can make a man crash into a fire hydrant: Alcohol or an angry wife.
According to TMZ.Com, Tiger`s wife confronted him about his alleged affair -- was the golfing great trying to get away from his enraged spouse? Is she the one who scratched up his face. Did she beat him with a golf club for good measure. Is that why Tiger was going in and out of consciousness at the scene of the accident?
I have this to say to anyone who might be outraged that the press is speculating about the circumstances surrounding this bizarre accident: Deal with it! Media scrutiny and boggers` speculations are par for the course for the most famous athlete in the world.
If Tiger doesn`t want the media to speculate about his personal life, he shouldn`t crash his SUV into a fire hydrant on his own home at an ungodly hour of the night.
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