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Published:December 1st, 2009 14:59 EST
Tiger Woods: Stop Hiding In Your Mansion!

Tiger Woods: Stop Hiding In Your Mansion!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The statement, issued by Tiger Woods through his website Monday, came as no surprise.

Dogged by questions about an early-morning, single-car accident outside his home, Woods announced he will skip an annual golf tournament he plays host to in Thousand Oaks this week.

`I`m certain it will be an outstanding event,` he said Monday, `and I`m very sorry that I can`t be there.`",0,2466208.story

Tiger is skipping his own tournament because he`s waiting for his facial scratches to heal. The world`s most famous athlete doesn`t want the world to see his wife`s handiwork in HD.

The golfing legend needs to man up, put his big girl panties on, and face the music. Tiger will never be out of the woods until he faces the public and gives his side of the story.

Tiger`s legions of jock sniffers insist that the world`s greatest golfer doesn`t owe an explanation to anyone. Bullcrap! Tiger owes an explanation to his sponsors who have invested millions in him. Tiger owes an explanation to the press, if it weren`t for the fawning media Tiger wouldn`t be so wealthy and famous. Tiger owes an explanation to his fans, who buy the products he endorses.

Stop being such a wimp Tiger! Face the music!