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Published:December 7th, 2009 10:12 EST

A Perfect Super Bowl?

By Geoff Dean

 Somebody had to say it, sooner or later. There is one perfect team in the NFC and one in the AFC and they will not play each other this season, unless at the Super Bowl. There has never been the possibility of an unbeaten season for two teams this late in the year. Ever.

 Of course, to have a perfect Super Bowl, the Colts and Saints would have to win all their playoff games. I won`t even look into that at this point. One other prerequisite is to finish the regular season with four more wins. That`s what I will deal with this at this point.

 To this point in the season, both the Colts and Saints have shown moments of sublime success but also had plenty of near-misses. After weeks of the Colts pulling out some kind of miracle to win, they struck early and held on against the Titans. The Saints, off their dominance of the Patriots, just ever so barely go by the Redskins. leading on commentator to claim that "the football gods" must be doing their best to keep these two teams perfect. Can it last four more weeks?

Week 14-The Colts host the Denver Broncos and the Saints go to Atlanta to play the Falcons. The Broncos are hot of late and need the win in many ways more desperately than the Colts to keep their playoff hopes alive. The Saints should have the easier time with the Falcons but then again they should have had an easy time with the Redskins and on paper, the Falcons are better than the Redskins.

Week 15- If they both survive, the Colts go to Jacksonville to meet the Jaguars and the Saints host the Cowboys. These will not be easy games for either team but if they both survive, pandemoneum will break out because the next two weeks should be much easier for both teams.

Week 16- Colts host the Jets and Saints host Tampa Bay. The Jets may still have playoff aspiration by Week 16 (although they may not) but the Bucs will surely not. Again, the Saints seem to have the easier road to take.

Week 17-The Colts go to Buffalo and the Saints to Carolina. Probably both of these teams will have already been eliminated by this point. One problem may be the cold weather which the Colts famously hate. One downside for both teams is that if they lose in week 14 or 15, they will face two final games against weak teams with no perfect season or much else to play for. Followed by a bye. That`s what killed the 13-0 Colts a few years back and it may strike again.

 A perfect Super Bowl? Way too early to predict? Way too many question marks? Really????