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Published:December 9th, 2009 15:00 EST
Dennis Rodman Defends Tiger Woods: Birds Of A Feather...

Dennis Rodman Defends Tiger Woods: Birds Of A Feather...

By Robert Paul Reyes

On the Mike Huckabee show Dennis Rodman expressed support for Tiger Woods. Very few celebs have spoken out in solidarity with Tiger Woods, it speaks volumes that only freaks like Dennis Rodman dare stand by the disgraced golf star.

Tiger Woods has much more in common with a Dennis Rodman than he does with a golf legend like Jack Nicklaus. It would be an obscenity if Tiger is allowed to break Nicklaus` record of winning 18 major golf championships.

You many be asking "How can we prevent Tiger from breaking Jack`s cherished record?" Easy, if you are a blogger, don`t let up, continue to trash Tiger. If you attend a golf tournament featuring Tiger, give the dirtbag a piece of your mind when he is getting ready to swing.

Tiger Woods acts like a king who doesn`t have to answer to anybody, certainly not to the "little people". Well, we the little people can hound this celeb creep, and prevent him from breaking Jack`s record.

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