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Published:December 9th, 2009 14:09 EST
Tiger Woods' Ads Disappear From TV

Tiger Woods' Ads Disappear From TV

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Gatorade is discontinuing its Tiger Woods drink but says it made the decision before the golfer`s car accident led to a media firestorm surrounding his personal life.

Meanwhile, The Wall Street Journal, citing data from Nielsen Co., reported today that advertisers haven`t aired TV commercials featuring Woods since shortly after the scandal broke.

Bloomberg News said late Tuesday that marketers have pulled all Tiger Woods ads from prime-time television broadcast networks and 19 cable channels following reported extramarital affairs."

Commercials depicting Tiger Woods as the consummate professional golfer and adored icon may be absent from the TV, but news stories portraying the disgraced golfer as a sex-addict and a possible prescription drug addict are all over the media.

Tiger Woods will never reclaim his perch on Mount Olympus as the most revered athlete in the world. He is damaged goods, and don`t be surprised to see Tiger`s sponsors follow the lead of Gatorade.

Tiger Woods is losing his sponsors and fans and before long even cocktail waitresses won`t want to have anything to do with the dirtbag. Tiger Woods is going to have to pick up his lovers at the Waffle House.

`Memba those commercials with the tag line: I`m Tiger Woods? Thank goodness I`m not Tiger Woods, I don`t want to be anything like that scum of the Earth.

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