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Published:December 9th, 2009 01:01 EST
Tiger Woods Scandal Responsible For Huge Uptick In Web Traffic

Tiger Woods Scandal Responsible For Huge Uptick In Web Traffic

By Robert Paul Reyes

Tiger Wood`s wife is so furious at her phildanding husband that she fled from their home; the disgraced golfer`s fans are shocked and disappointed at his meteoric fall, and the dirtbag`s sponsors are cursing him in private.

But there is one segment of the population that loves Tiger Woods: The Media

"Tiger Woods may be losing fans in some quarters, but he has one in Carol Bartz, Yahoo`s chief executive.

`God bless Tiger,` she said during an investor`s conference Tuesday, for the `huge` uptick in Web traffic he has generated over the past week.

News, photos and other content about the pro golfer, whose personal life has become tabloid fodder since his car accident and cryptic apologies, are contributing to Yahoo`s sports section, as well as news, gossip and the front page, Ms. Bartz said. When asked if Mr. Woods would help the Internet company make the quarter, she said, `Oh, absolutely,` and added that he`s fueling more visits than Michael Jackson`s death."

Andrew LaVallee/WSJ. Com

The Tiger Woods scandal is selling newspapers and magazines, jacking up the ratings for the cable news outlets, and increasing Internet traffic for sports and celebrity Web sites.

Carol Bartz isn`t the only one in the media saying "God bless Tiger Woods", all of us from news anchors to humble bloggers are grateful for the Tiger Woods scandal. Tiger provides fodder for endless columns; the public wants their Tiger news 24/7.

God bless Tiger Woods, but may he burn in hell.

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